..i walk with the Lord...
.......he is my love..........
.....my strength.......
......my life.......
....my best friend...


Sunday, October 31, 2010

100 things i LOVE

100 things i l.o.v.e.
.falling in love.
.beautiful sunsets.
.pink sunrises.
.passion fruit.
.the feeling of having all my homework done.
.long walks on the beach.
.talking to my Heavenly Father.
.picking shapes out of clouds.
.the number 3.
.getting dressed up.
.bible study.
.long talks.
.the bible.
.new things.
.seasons on TV.
.heavy blankets.
.pillow fights.
.cheez its.
.new years.
.family reunions.
.cotton candy.
.inside jokes.

.......wow.. i'm pretty sure i could have come up with 200+ things i LOVE..i am so blessed by all things...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Who do you walk with?

We are all walking through this thing we call life. Some of us have chosen the straigt, wide, easy path while others of us have chosen the curvy, narrow path. We are all given the choice of which one to follow, and it is completely up to us. Not our parents, not our friends….US. so which one will you chose? I’ll tell you that the wide one will be easy…it will be full of partying, doing what ever you want, and it will be full of everything BUT LOVE. Now if you chose the narrow one.. well it won’t be as easy. People will make fun of you, they will be mean to you BUT it will be full of SO MUCH LOVE you won’t know what to do. Now yes I understand that that doesn’t make sense because if everybody is hating you how can it be full of love? It is called the love of our heavenly father. This crazy, awesome man that we have NEVER seen but only believe in because of unwaivering faith, loves us more than anybody on earth ever has.

Could you imagine loving someone so much that if they asked you to give up the one thing you truly love and couldn’t imagine giving up, you would? God did this for us. I would imagine that he loved his son more than life itself, but he had his son tortured and murdered so that we could see how much he loves us. UNREAL!! Right? But God wants our love too…this is not a one way relationship. God expects us to drop everything and follow him with our whole heart. How hard is this? An example is the story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham is 100 years old and still hasn’t had a son, but finally God blesses him and Sarah with a boy. What an awesome God right? But then a few years later god tells Abraham to show that he really fears God, he has to go burn his son as a sacrifice to God. WHAT????? NO WAY! Anyway that would probably be my reaction.. but not Abraham. He calls his son and they go to fullfil God’s request. What in the heck is he thinking? But once God sees how much Abraham really loves and fears him, he provides a ram for him to sacrifice in place of his son Isaac.

I believe that we all struggle with giving up EVERYTHING. I know if God called me to give my family up to him to prove that I love him, I had have serious issues with following him. But even smaller things, like giving up issues with relationships, giving up our struggle with body image, our love for music, our love for partying, our love for money..he wants us to give these things up for him and to really experience his love. Why is this so hard for us?

Lately I have really been trying to take this story of Abraham and Isaac to heart. I want to give up everything to really experience God’s love, but it isn’t easy. However, I do believe that God is a grateful man, and I do believe that he loves me and knows that I am trying for him…I want to walk with him even if it means giving my whole world to follow him….

…..I walk with the Lord…..

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hi anybody who might be reading this... soo my boyfriend Jason and I are planning on doing YWAM DTS which is Youth With a Mission Discipleship Training School. We will spend 3 months in Australia learning about God, learning how to share our faith, and growing deeper with God. Then we will spend 2 months in either Indonesia, SE China, or maybe Australia sharing the word of God. This is a very exciting new step, but it is very expensive. So if you feel like God is putting it on your heart to help us out, we would appreciate that. Or even just prayers are GREAT too! Love you all. God Bless