..i walk with the Lord...
.......he is my love..........
.....my strength.......
......my life.......
....my best friend...


Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'm so looking forward to my sundays now:) Jason and i have decided that Sunday is our day, and so we are going to start going on fun little jaunts to random places and exploring=]
Today....we went to Estes Park, Colorado.. SO FUN!
We had some super yummy strong coffee:) White Chocolate Mocha with a shot of raspberry espresso! YUM! And that was only the beginning.. lets say it was all uphill from there:)
1. I didn't really exercise today.. just walked around estes park, hiked down the the river, and explored... but it was AWESOME!

2. Ok, so what i read about in my devotion today was AWESOME!! It talked about being anointed. It says that we have been anointed with God's power and presence to help us live life in a supernatural way. i think that is just awesome.. Today i went out and lived, and explored, and it was amazing! God has blessed us with this life and this place to live, so why not enjoy it? Take advantage of everything we have been blessed with:) Live the life you deserve to live!! God doesn't want anything less for us, so lets take advantage of it:)

3. obviously i'm going to have alot of pictures because i had an awesome day of driving and exploring so here ya go...
In front of Stanley Hotel.. such an awesome but sketch place! This is where our day started:)
Yay for mirror pictures!! haha
And again.. Stanley hotel
My lunch.. yummy ruben!
Jasons lunch.. yucky salmon salad! lol.. i'm not a fan of salmon..haha
Greatest Peach Milkshake ever.. MMMM..
our beautiful drive:)
My handsome man infront of a dam we hiked down to..
Gonna get old with this handsome guy:)
I thought it looked kinda cool:)
I got some yummy salt water taffy up there..=] SO GOOD! the bag says.. "Laura's Fine Candies: Spoiling Dinner Since 1970" lol.. i think it may have spoiled my dinner! =O oops!

In the end, it was a very successful day.. SO FUN!

Remember....Live your life in a supernatural way:)


Today was another beautiful day:) however, it consisted mainly of me being inside:(
I got some homework done, emails sent, and did make it outside to play basketball and watch the sunset with Jason:)

1. Played basketball, thats it..it was nice:)

2. I started getting caught up on my bible reading, ALMOST done with Genesis.. YAY ME!! I also ready my devotion about chasing your dreams. God puts dreams and desires in your heart for a reason. He wants you to chase them [assuming they are to glorify Him].. and he will help you succeed! One of my favorite verses talks about God making all of your plans succeed:) Just keep chasing, and sooner or later...your wildest dreams may come true:) example? my dream was to meet an awesome guy.. fall in love.. and spend the rest of my life with him.. i'd like to say i'm well on my way.lol.

3. took some pictures of my little jaunt up to horsetooth..and the sprite my wonderful boyfriend brought me because my stomach was hurting.. what a man:)

Friday, January 28, 2011


What a friday.. Started out at 1:15 with the neighbors dog barking its darn head off.. and that continued the rest of the night.. yes i did get woken up every 30 minutes the rest of the night which = about 2 hours of sleep.. lets say i wasn't a happy camper this morning...however, that didn't last long because i walked outside and i was wearing a sun dress and sandals.. can you say 65* on January 28th?? WOOHOO! LOVE BEAUTIFUL WEATHER:) absolutely gorgeous... so anyway.. my day...
1) I ran 1 mile..stair stepped for 20 minutes.. lifted a little.. and then rode an eliptical for about 15 minutes.. i was pooped and my feet were hurting bad.. turns out my shoes weren't quite cutting it.. YES,they looked awesome, however don't judge a book by its cover, because those things hurt my feet really bad. SO long story short, i ended up getting new shoes today:) and i had a pretty nice workout!

2) I plan on getting all caught up on my bible reading tomorrow.. just a heads up.. it is finally saturday, and i believe it will be a beautiful one which means sitting outside reading will probably be a must.. as for today? i read about procrastination, which is a HUGE problem of mine.. when i feel like procrastinating, you'll usually find me on facebook..reading blogs...on runnersworld.com,...or watching TV.. i know, its really pathetic. i think i need to start praying that God will give me his strength to complete tasks like i should and in a speedy manner.. NO MORE PROCRASTINATION! my goal for this next week:)

3) I took pictures.. yes i did:) My handsome lover came over for dinner.. or should i say breakfast? we had breakfast for dinner and it was yummy! Stuffed french toast and scrambles eggs.. i love it when Jason comes over because it means i can cook what ever i want and he'll eat it all.. haha. NOT TO MENTION HE IS AWESOME!! best company i could ever ask for.. a handsome guy that loves me 100%.. what a man:)
[he even smiles for my pictures when i beg him:)]
[and he's a good photographer!! what a catch! lol]
and i painted my toes because today was a flip flop kind of day:)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


This week is mission week at Chi Alpha
[chi alpha is a christian group on campuses all around the united states and their mission field is college students] however, they also send groups of students to other countries for missions..
They have had speakers and missionaires around for the last few days talking about all different aspects of missions, and how we can get involved..
I would LOVE to do a mission trip.. infact i've decided that if God provides above and beyond what Jason and i need for YWAM then i will either go on one of the mission trips, or i will give the money so someone else can do it. I believe that mission trips are life changing. seeing people living in the ways they do is CRAZY!! and it is such a blessing to be able to share the love of our Lord with them.
Tonight at outpost [our branch of Chi Alpha] the speaker was talking about being called to missions.. he made an interesting point.. he said that if someone asks you if you want to go snowboarding this weekend, you dont say "well i have to pray about it and see if its Gods will.." YOU JUST DO IT!!! so why do people feel like God may not be calling them to go on a mission trip? we're talking 1 week..1 WEEK of giving your time to people that have NEVER heard about God and my not ever hear about him.. how could someone feel that God is not calling them to experience something like this, and share is love..

As the speaker pointed out.. God's main need and want is to be known to the nations.. well here is the problem, nations can't know Him or hear about Him without someone to tell them.. my roomie and i were discussing how kind of scary it is that mormons have to do 2 years of "missions" right out of highschool or what ever it is.. the are REQUIRED to spend 2 years telling people about their faith.. what do christians do? We get out of highschool and go straight to college.. and from college most of us go on to work out in the 'real' world. We aren't required to spend 2 years trying to convert people to christianity.. i think that if our goal is to make God known to the world.. we really need to get serious about this! it's not a joke.. we DON'T have forever.. and there are millions of people that may never hear about our Savior.. what a tragedy! What if one of those millions is your best friend...your neighbor...the kid you sit by in class.. or someone in a tiny village in the middle of china..we need to get serious about making God known.. and mission trips are a great way...right now i'm just praying and trying to be patient waiting for YWAM.. i've decided that if i wasn't in college, i would sell my stuff tomorrow and just GO somewhere to share my Lords love.. can you say a dream come true?? oh gosh, one day:)

MAKE GOD KNOWN TO THE NATIONS.. starting by showing someone that looks sad the LOVE that God has for us, and blesses us with every second of every day.


Oh thursday.. you never fail me when it comes to completely draining me of all energy.. just sayin.. after waking up at 6:20 for class at 8...and going going going till the end of outpost around 9ish.. sleep is a necessity.. and right now it is a super necessity. lol...however, it was a productive day.. so that makes it much better:)
1. i rode a bike for 40 minutes.. which felt pretty good. my legs felt like stiff pieces of metal after i got off the darn thing, but it was worth it:) got in about 9 1/2 miles.. WOOHOO!

2. i want to start this by saying that i plan on getting caught up on my bible ready like tomorrow and saturday, so be ready for some intense posts.lol. k not really, i'll try to keep them short and sweet:) anyway,today i read about dread.

Dread is a horrible thing that takes away about 20 years of our life i'm convinced. Today i was feeling alot of dread... I got a text from jason saying to check my email.. turns out he had heard from YWAM and did infact get accepted.. YAY! so we checked mine.. not so good. nothing at all.. so here i was sitting there dreading the fact that i might not have gotten accepted. SO i emailed pattie who is the AWESOME registrar. i'm not sure if she knows how much she has helped me through the whole application process:) she seems like such a sweet Godly woman, and i can't wait to meet here..so i emailed her and asked, and turns out one of my references had gotten lost somewhere while crossing the ocean, and they were still waiting on it.. SO britt filled out a new one and we got it emailed.. but during the whole thing, i was so scared.. i was dreading what i might see if pattie emailed me back and said i hadn't gotten accepted.. THEN after i got over that, i was dreading the thought of how much money we have to earn to do YWAM.. but i just want to say that God answers prayers.. he sends us angels when we really need them:) Today he sent me a beautiful blonde angel with a little white envelope and money in it for our YWAM fund.. i haven't really gotten any replies from people saying they want to support us, so i have been praying that God would give me patience and encouragement to continue with the fundraising...and He is an awesome God:) I am amazed every time someone gives me money or says they are praying for our process. it is such a blessing.. and God is so full of blessings:)
i'm really going to try not to fret or dread what might come.. only God can control it, and if you are doing His will, then he will never let you down.. i have to tell myself this everyday all day.. God is an awesome God and he will never fail us...

3. I took a picture of my yummy dinner. made veggie and ricotta filled crepes.. umm can you say YUM??? SOO GOOD! new favorite food i think:)

Tomorrow is friday..2 classes and then a MUCH needed weekend. i think this semester is going to be intense between all the homework and crazy professors.. but its college.. full time job right? or so they say..
remember though...God has blessed us.. we just have to keep our eyes open all the time to see them all:)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1.24 & 1.25 & 1.26

Well, as you can tell i have fallen behind on this whole deal.. oops!
don't take this wrong.. i do actually do the things i say i will every day, i just don't get to the blogging part till a few days later.. so don't worry.. i am still keeping my new years resolutions.. i DID NOT say i would blog every day.lol
1. I rode a spinner for 30 minutes and did lifting.. pretty exhausted after the race:)
2. I read about insecurity and addictions.. sometimes i struggle with being insecure about things.. i struggle with not being happy with my body.. not sure why.. i am not overweight by any means.. but i think that is just kind of a hard thing that everybody deals with, so i have really been praying and asking God to help me be happy with the body he has given me:)

1] Off day.. i was SUPER worn out.. just tired and had zero strength.. i think part of this could be attributed to having 8:00 AM class. but also just being burnt out on running.. which brings me to...i have decided to take a little break from my crazy running.. being burnt out is not good if i plan on running some half marathons, so i will resume when i feel like i want to:) for now.. light working out.. give my body a break:)

2] Today i read about drawing lines.. the thing it talked about was how we constantly say yes yes yes to people asking us to do stuff for them.. our boss asks us to do ____ our professor asks us to do ____....between all the stuff going on in our lives, it is hard to find time for ourselves.. it is necessary to have time for yourself to live your life.. to be by yourself...to spend time with God...to spend time relaxing.. learn to start drawing lines and taking time for yourself.. nobody wants to be around a worn out negative nancy right? haha..[negative nancy]

3]made a new recipe.. some YUMMY fajitas:)

1] i worked out today and it felt AMAZING!! WOOHOO!!! ran 2.2 miles.. did some sprints around a track lifted and did some rowing.. felt great=]

2]"The Confident Woman" devotion book has really been making my days alot brighter:) Today it talked about forgiving yourself. We spend so much of our lives beating ourselves up for things we shouldn't have done but we did.. or we can't get over that darn pizza we ate.. or we can't believe we lied to our parents that one time when we were 6..[k that last one was a little rediculous, but you get my point.] We have to learn to forgive ourselves the way God has.. we can't be upset with ourselves for messups, we have to learn to forgive, forget, and move on because otherwise we will continue to hold ourselves back from moving on with our lives.

3]I took pictures of my awesome shoes:) basically i'm a HUGE fan:) maybe thats why i had so much fun workout out today?? who knows.lol

there ya go:) ALL CAUGHT UP!! YAY!! i also am cooking some new food tonight, but i'll post that tomorrow i think:) YAY FOR CHILI RELLENOS, BBQ PORK, and ASPARAGUS!! MMMM.. happy wednesday:)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Living or Existing?

Today i posted a question on my facebook asking "What the difference is between Living and Existing?" Nobody commented on it...
Maybe thats because they don't know?? not sure..
here is my opinion...

Life: The experience of being alive; the course of human events and activities.
Existence: Being.

How boring does the actual definition of 'existence' sound?

To me: Living is actually doing something with your life you are proud of.
Living is experiencing new things.
Living is trying hard but exciting things.
Living is hopping on an airplane and flying to foreign places.
Living is hiking to new heights.
Living is finding BEAUTY in everything.
Living is jumping out of an airplane with a parachute strapped to your back.
Living is allowing other people to see God through your joy.
Living is seeking the [good] in things when the [good] is sometimes hard to find.
Living is falling in love with someone that you couldn't live without.
Living is meeting new people.
Living is waking up every day and saying you are going to make the best of that day.
Living is moving forward and not looking back.
Living is hopping on a board and riding a wave.
Living is strapping a snowboard to your feet and flying down a mountain.
Living is 4wheeling in a jeep with the top off and the wind blowing in your hair.
Living is tasting new [sometimes good and sometimes bad] food.
Living is running 10 miles because you have the legs to do it.
Living is taking the next step.
Living is trying your hardest to succeed.
Living is not giving up.
Living is hanging out with friends.
quite simply, existing is the act of just being.. nothing special.. actually quite boring...
in short..
don't just exist.

What does L.O.V.E mean?

“Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.” Bobby – age 7

“Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday.” Noelle – age 7

“Love is like a little old woman and a little old man who are still friends even after they know each other so well.” Tommy – age 6

“Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you left him alone all day.” Mary Ann – age 4

“I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and has to go out and buy new ones.” Lauren – age 6

I just love all these kids ideas of [love]
Some people have very different ideas of love...
to me, love means......
When you care about someone so much that you can't imagine life with out them..
Love means you help carry them through the hard times...
Love means there is a space in your heart that can't be filled with anything else, and if that person were to leave you....[there would be a hole forever in your heart]

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thoughts about life...

Ok, so recently i've been pondering alot of stuff...
My Future.

So what have i come up with through this pondering???

It is about time for me to sell everything i own..
all accept a suitcase with some clothes..
Take all my money...
And move to Hawaii and live in a nice little shack with running water and a place to cook...
How wonderful does that sound?
living off the land...
living with the people i love...
and living simple...

if only i could drop out of school...

Day 23

WOOHOOO Finally all caught up:)
Today, January 23rd....1 month after my 20th birthday, really was quite the day:)
Started the morning with waking up SUPER early and driving to Denver to run the Polar Bear 5K with my sister.. which was pretty great! i got 27/247...but i didn't run as good of a time as i would have liked to.. however, i ran it and then we went and got NOODLES..YUM! and then came back and did some grocery shopping and relaxing....

1. POLAR BEAR 5K!! YAY! 26:40...got some serious speed work to do:)

2. I read about having God be your leader...You have to be confident that God can handle you and your problems and that he will lead you on the right path. God is the greatest leader we could ever ask for. He leads us down the straight and narrow and without him we would stray from the path and fall apart.. God knows each and every one of us individually. and he knows exactly what we need to make it through every day.. if we need love, encouragement, strength, or forgiveness.. maybe we need an encouraging song, or coffee with a friend, i believe that God knows our needs and places people and events in our lives to make every day just a little easier...

3. Jason was actually my photographer.. BUT it documented my day.. soo here are some pictures:)

Let Jesus be your leader and you will never lose the game of life...

Day 22....

Day 22 was a somewhat crazy day.
After staying up till 3 the night before, i slept in till [noon] which was AWESOME!
Then i had an evening full of adventure, awesomeness, and craziness...

1. I did actually workout..i ran 1 mile in my new shoes.. which was pretty awesome:) then i did a little lifting and stretching.. felt pretty good. nice and easy after my crazy day:)

2. I read in my devotion about the freedom to be yourself. As it mentioned.. our world has created this image of women that is so unrealistic.. it consists of fake people..money...sex..and partying. They say if you have those things, you don't need anything else.. 6 ft. Women are 100 pounds because the have eating disorders..people that are broke drive some of the nicest cars because they believe that if it looks like they have money, people will like them..
I wish that women could realize how beautiful they are.. how perfect they are without designer things.. without $50,000 cars... if your spouse loves you.. your family loves you...and God LOVES you.. what more is there?

3. i think these pictures speak for themselves:) as for the pictures... CSU played BYU...BYU is ranked 9th.. CSU? well, we aren't exactly ranked at all.. however.. we did play a very good game, and if all things had gone our way, we would have won i think.. we did end up losing by 10 points.. but it was a sell out game.. and it was AWESOME!!!


Day 21

sooo.. turns out i've gotten way behind on the whole blogging about my daily happenings. i think i need to change this! Especially with the way things have been happening this weekend! on that note, i'll try to keep you more informed:)

1. I ran 9.32 miles.. it was a haul.. but felt SO good! ran around up in the mountains, around lakes, and around Fort Collins.. so great:)

2. My devotion today talked about forgetting your past and moving on with your life... i'm not the type of person that really dwells in the past, so this isn't a huge issue for me..but you have to remember that you can't do anything about your past.. so MOVE ON!

3. Today i took some pictures:) first of all, i made a new recipe..its called Beef and Barley.. it was pretty yummy.. needed salt and spice though:)
Then Jason, Britt, and i and a few other people went to IHOP and had some yummy food..[did i mention it was at midnight? lol] SO FUN..

I pray that you can move on from your past and follow God no matter where he is directing your paths:)