..i walk with the Lord...
.......he is my love..........
.....my strength.......
......my life.......
....my best friend...


Monday, February 28, 2011

Post 100!!

Well my dear friends, this is officially my 100th post.. how awesome is that????
So i've decided i'm going to just be posting my pictures and what not during the weekends or mondays or what ever.. but NOT every day.lol. sorry!
so on to this past week...
1. i started doing a little more running.. YAY ME! but i felt pretty gross and actually ended up getting sick:( bummer!!! BUT i did run 9.5 miles on friday..and i felt AWESOME! bring on these half marathons:)

2. Still reading my awesome devotion.. i love it!

Quinoa and blueberries.. MMMM!
how awesome is this? it looks like a smiley face on the bottom of my peanut butter!! haha.
fish and tomatoes and much more.. soo yummy
a mess of coconut curry veggies, but it was REALLY tasty.
more food.. haha.. wanna guess what my week consisted of? eating, eating, and more eating would be correct..

WE GOT SNOW!!! about 4 inches to be exact..YAY!!
yup, i live on this stuff.. haha..
There is no place like home♥
alissa and i made the BEST peanut butter truffle brownies on earth!!
there has never been a more loving, more calm, more awesome animal on earth.. Aspen is my baby.. i picked her out of the puppies.. i named her.. i LOVE her.. haha.. yup, she makes me smile like nothing else can=]

so that was my week! kinda crazy.. kinda long.. but spring break is less than 2 weeks away. BAM!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


randomness is right up my ally right now.. so here is a piece of the randomness stomping through my brain..

remember WAY back in the day..
[ok, in january] when i attempted to make some tofu?
ok well i just don't understand HOW PEOPLE CAN GO VEGAN!
i read multiple blogs about people who live on tofu and veggies.. i hope you all realize you are quickly [no, not slowly, quickly] killing yourself..
God made animals for a reason.. some to look at, and SOME to eat!
as for this nasty tofu crap..
1) It feels like slimy mush
2) It smells gross
3) it looks like a hunk of rubber
4) It tastes like NOTHING.. seriously, nothing at all
5) DON'T EVER TRY TO GET ME TO EAT TOFU! my one and only experience was life altering.. i chose to live on steak, chicken, fish, burgers, bacon, ham, turkey, etc.. you get my point.. not some mushy rubbery nastiness...
6) last of all.. for those of you veggie people..FISH IS MEAT!!
[they are trying to make it look nice.. and it STILL looks DISGUSTING!]

ok, i'm done.. moral of the story is, don't eat tofu.. it is not a real protein source.. its rubber, disguised as food:O

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You want MY soul.

'Cause You don't want to let me go,
Owner of the world but You want MY soul.'

What kind of a God do we serve that he holds the whole world in his hands, but he also knows how many hairs are on our heads?
What kind of a God do we serve that he could blow this world away in a second, but he gives us second chances?
What kind of a God do we serve that he has to deal with people fighting all over the world, but he still cares about our own personal battles?

It is still impossible for me to understand..

What an awesome God we serve.

epic fail. =]

Well, if you all hadn't noticed, this whole blog thing has been an EPIC fail.. however, incase you forgot, IT WAS NOT my new years resolution to blog every day, you just got super lucky at the beginning of the year..hahahaha..
but, i haven't in fact been keeping up my end of the new years resolutions, pretty much..

1. I have been training hard for my half marathon which is now officially in about 3 weeks. SO CRAZY! Saturday i ran 10 miles..outside.. and it was actually really nice! it was warm, sunny, and i ran a 10:24 pace.. i know, pretty slow, and i have to cut 1 1/2 minutes off each mile for my half if i plan on break 2 hours.. but i have faith i will do it:) so i just have to continue training hard! This friday i will be running 13, and then its homestretch from there! wahoo! i'm ridiculously excited.lol

2. I have also been reading my devotion, which is a huge pick me up every day.. I LOVE IT! still..teehee. you should totally read it:)

3. and of course, i have been taking pictures, and of course, once again i have like a bajillion pictures to put on here, and i'm sorry.. i'll attempt to keep you all a little more updated, but we'll see how it goes.. k, so here is my last 1 1/2 weeks!
yes..yes..and yyyeeeeeesssssss... WE ARE GOING! we bought the tickets!! thank you Jesus!
heehee, yes i made crepes again.. they are SO GOOD! and so easy.
sell out CSU mens basketball game.. unfortunatly we lost, but hey, it was cool:P
how mean does that ram look? thats right, don't mess with CSU!
MMMMMMM Raviolis! for the record, I LOVE ITALIAN!!
Me and Mr. Shark!
Downtown Aquarium!
Mr. Handsome ;]
yes, i believe i officially have the most awesome boyfriend on earth!! He took me to the aquarium for a late Valentines day.. LOVE HIM!
AHH we were standing on the shark! lol. so creepy
and then, to make my man even better, he took me to the cheesecake factory! LOVE spinach dip
delicious pasta..mmmm
and of course, cheesecake! he had mango keyline and i had white chocolate blue berry..ahh yes please
our awesome armbands..lol
oh yes, God is SOOO good to me:) thanks God for this amazing man!

soo... that was my week up till sunday.. i'll put the pictures from this week up tomorrow:) love you all! hope your week has been good!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Um yes, i've epically failed at blogging this last week.. heehee.. not really sure where exactly the week went.. well actually i have an idea, because.. I HAVE PICTURES!! YAY!!!
1. Monday = 5 Miles
Tuesday = REST
Wednesday = 4 miles
Thursday = IRON RAM TEST.. this was awesome.. jason and i did all sorts of tests and attempted to get IRON status in all of them EX: Run 1.5 miles in less than 11 minutes for me.. i got iron on a few things, gold on a few, and silver on 2.. i will spend the next 2 months trying to get better in all the different areas, and then retest in april hoping to achieve IRON in all of the areas.. i then will win a tshirt.. lol. YAY!! we'll see..
as for my 1.5 miles.. I RAN IT IN 11:45. thats 7:50 mile.. fastest mile i've ever run.. YAY!!!
Friday = Run 4 miles and Bike 5 miles and row 2000m... it was intense
Saturday = ran .5 miles.. and easy elliptical workout.. i was in pain from the previous days.lol
Sunday = REST
Monday = Ran 4 miles and ellipticaled (is that a word??) for 30 minutes.. wowsers!
Tuesday = TODAY = rest.. i hurt my back:( kinda strange...

2. I continued to read my devotion.. which is awesome.. but i'm not gonna tell you everything i read about last week.lol.. too much!

3... well lets say i took TONS of pictures.
Found some arugula.. but it was not an easy find..
made some YUMMY asiago and arugula pesto.. pretty good!
and of course, its not a meal without meat.. so there is a little chicken!
SO GOOD!! asparagus and a yummy southwestern burger..mmm
Made some awesome pasta stuff...if you hadn't noticed, i'm a fan of food... probably its #1 fan!
Just bein silly=]
love this camera!
OOPS!! guilty.. i didn't take a pictures.. SORRY! my first fail
Jason came over and we had an awesome dinner of spaghetti and a SONIC Red Velvet Cheesecake Blast!! WAHOOO!!! it was SO GOOD!

umm yup.. i had a salad.. YAY ME!!
BUT i made up for it..lol.. Jason got a FREE desert since it was his birthday.. lets say it was AWESOME!
GOSH I LOVE THIS GUY! and he's darn handsome:)
yup.. it was gone in about 5 seconds.lol

BIRTHDAY BOY.. and his lover:)
umm yes.. i made him dinner and we did in fact have the BEST food on earth..
that would be guacamole for those of you who don't know:)
YES PLEASE! Homemade quesadillas.. mmm mmm mmm
cut just the way mom always did for me when i was little..
not all of them turned out perfect.. oops!
Dressed up for Valentines dinner with FRO-yo girls.. so nice.
one out of 4 beautiful roses my man gave me today.. 4 = how many years we've been with.
oooooo... ahhhhhhh...
and i haven't taken a picture yet today..which is bad.. but i'll try to get right on that;)
SO. that has been my crazy hectic week! hope yours was just as awesome..