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Monday, February 28, 2011

Post 100!!

Well my dear friends, this is officially my 100th post.. how awesome is that????
So i've decided i'm going to just be posting my pictures and what not during the weekends or mondays or what ever.. but NOT every day.lol. sorry!
so on to this past week...
1. i started doing a little more running.. YAY ME! but i felt pretty gross and actually ended up getting sick:( bummer!!! BUT i did run 9.5 miles on friday..and i felt AWESOME! bring on these half marathons:)

2. Still reading my awesome devotion.. i love it!

Quinoa and blueberries.. MMMM!
how awesome is this? it looks like a smiley face on the bottom of my peanut butter!! haha.
fish and tomatoes and much more.. soo yummy
a mess of coconut curry veggies, but it was REALLY tasty.
more food.. haha.. wanna guess what my week consisted of? eating, eating, and more eating would be correct..

WE GOT SNOW!!! about 4 inches to be exact..YAY!!
yup, i live on this stuff.. haha..
There is no place like home♥
alissa and i made the BEST peanut butter truffle brownies on earth!!
there has never been a more loving, more calm, more awesome animal on earth.. Aspen is my baby.. i picked her out of the puppies.. i named her.. i LOVE her.. haha.. yup, she makes me smile like nothing else can=]

so that was my week! kinda crazy.. kinda long.. but spring break is less than 2 weeks away. BAM!

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