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Thursday, February 24, 2011


randomness is right up my ally right now.. so here is a piece of the randomness stomping through my brain..

remember WAY back in the day..
[ok, in january] when i attempted to make some tofu?
ok well i just don't understand HOW PEOPLE CAN GO VEGAN!
i read multiple blogs about people who live on tofu and veggies.. i hope you all realize you are quickly [no, not slowly, quickly] killing yourself..
God made animals for a reason.. some to look at, and SOME to eat!
as for this nasty tofu crap..
1) It feels like slimy mush
2) It smells gross
3) it looks like a hunk of rubber
4) It tastes like NOTHING.. seriously, nothing at all
5) DON'T EVER TRY TO GET ME TO EAT TOFU! my one and only experience was life altering.. i chose to live on steak, chicken, fish, burgers, bacon, ham, turkey, etc.. you get my point.. not some mushy rubbery nastiness...
6) last of all.. for those of you veggie people..FISH IS MEAT!!
[they are trying to make it look nice.. and it STILL looks DISGUSTING!]

ok, i'm done.. moral of the story is, don't eat tofu.. it is not a real protein source.. its rubber, disguised as food:O

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