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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Um yes, i've epically failed at blogging this last week.. heehee.. not really sure where exactly the week went.. well actually i have an idea, because.. I HAVE PICTURES!! YAY!!!
1. Monday = 5 Miles
Tuesday = REST
Wednesday = 4 miles
Thursday = IRON RAM TEST.. this was awesome.. jason and i did all sorts of tests and attempted to get IRON status in all of them EX: Run 1.5 miles in less than 11 minutes for me.. i got iron on a few things, gold on a few, and silver on 2.. i will spend the next 2 months trying to get better in all the different areas, and then retest in april hoping to achieve IRON in all of the areas.. i then will win a tshirt.. lol. YAY!! we'll see..
as for my 1.5 miles.. I RAN IT IN 11:45. thats 7:50 mile.. fastest mile i've ever run.. YAY!!!
Friday = Run 4 miles and Bike 5 miles and row 2000m... it was intense
Saturday = ran .5 miles.. and easy elliptical workout.. i was in pain from the previous days.lol
Sunday = REST
Monday = Ran 4 miles and ellipticaled (is that a word??) for 30 minutes.. wowsers!
Tuesday = TODAY = rest.. i hurt my back:( kinda strange...

2. I continued to read my devotion.. which is awesome.. but i'm not gonna tell you everything i read about last week.lol.. too much!

3... well lets say i took TONS of pictures.
Found some arugula.. but it was not an easy find..
made some YUMMY asiago and arugula pesto.. pretty good!
and of course, its not a meal without meat.. so there is a little chicken!
SO GOOD!! asparagus and a yummy southwestern burger..mmm
Made some awesome pasta stuff...if you hadn't noticed, i'm a fan of food... probably its #1 fan!
Just bein silly=]
love this camera!
OOPS!! guilty.. i didn't take a pictures.. SORRY! my first fail
Jason came over and we had an awesome dinner of spaghetti and a SONIC Red Velvet Cheesecake Blast!! WAHOOO!!! it was SO GOOD!

umm yup.. i had a salad.. YAY ME!!
BUT i made up for it..lol.. Jason got a FREE desert since it was his birthday.. lets say it was AWESOME!
GOSH I LOVE THIS GUY! and he's darn handsome:)
yup.. it was gone in about 5 seconds.lol

BIRTHDAY BOY.. and his lover:)
umm yes.. i made him dinner and we did in fact have the BEST food on earth..
that would be guacamole for those of you who don't know:)
YES PLEASE! Homemade quesadillas.. mmm mmm mmm
cut just the way mom always did for me when i was little..
not all of them turned out perfect.. oops!
Dressed up for Valentines dinner with FRO-yo girls.. so nice.
one out of 4 beautiful roses my man gave me today.. 4 = how many years we've been with.
oooooo... ahhhhhhh...
and i haven't taken a picture yet today..which is bad.. but i'll try to get right on that;)
SO. that has been my crazy hectic week! hope yours was just as awesome..

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