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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today i think the high was 7.. see what i mean? wednesday = really cold. lol
luckily i was able to stay pretty warm, and i got alot done!
Got my oil changed, jason ordered me my christmas present!! YAY! late yes, but so stinkin awesome.. you'll see what it is when they show up:)

1. I ran 1 mile.. i know i need to get back on my running routine, but its so hard! For some weird reason i've been incredibly exhausted these last few weeks, and particularly this week.. just plain worn out! so i'm gonna try to change my diet a little to eat more energy producing foods, and we'll see what i can do with my running schedule starting next week:) i'm almost down to 1 month till my half marathon! OH MAN!

2. Today i read about being confident! go figure, i'm only reading "The CONFIDENT woman's devotional" BAHAH!! thats a shocker right? k anyway.. it talked about how being confident is contagous to other people. When they see you living an exciting life, when other people see you happy, when other people see you confident, they want to live like you. our goal as christians should be to live a life that everybody else wants to live. a life so full of joy we can't help but share it with everyone else! A life so full of love, we can't help but let the love overflow. A life so full of people helping and encouraging us, that we can't help but do the same for other people. When people see us living like that, they will begin to ask questions about our lives.. and what it is that makes us SO happy=]

3. Today i made another NEW recipe and it was AWESOME! Tasted just like something you get at a nice chinese restaurant:) Chinese Chicken and Noodle Salad.. MMMMMMM! A new favorite:) and SO easy...

An awesome dinner just isn't the same without some yummy OJ!!
YES i got a new purse and scarf.. i was in desperate need of a new purse.lol. i only had one, so now i have a new addition, and get this.....I SAVED $66 between the scarf and purse! purse = $11.. was $54....scarf = $3...was $25.. WOOHOO! can you say awesome day! lol..

Remember to live confidently so it will rub off on other people:)

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