..i walk with the Lord...
.......he is my love..........
.....my strength.......
......my life.......
....my best friend...


Monday, November 29, 2010

The Day The World Ends

I'm not going to sit here and tell you guys the world is ending in 2012.
I think that is all a bunch of crazy talk..
Obviously people are not reading their bibles, or they would know that NOBODY knows when the world will end. Only God does and i'm pretty sure he hasn't been calling up people on earth on the phone and informing them that in 2012 everything will cease to exist.
That just isn't how God does things.

Tonight in my devotion i read 2 Peter 2:1-10, but two verses that really stuck out were 8 and 9...

"But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."

I don't know about you, but i get the impression from this that God is kinda waiting to come back till more people know god, ALOT more.

At the rate we are all going with sharing the word of God with the people of this world, it could be billions of years before God comes back.
Of course i will be in heaven before then, but i hate to see all the children that will grow up not knowing God..
I hate to see all the people that will live their lives without the chance to experience this amazing LOVE i experience everyday.
Not just people in Africa or China, but even our own friends. I have so many friends that do not know the God i know. Yes, maybe they have heard him mentioned, but i'm sure if you asked them about christians, one of the first things that comes to mind is JESUS FREAK.
Now don't get me wrong. Being a jesus freak is AWESOME! i would proudly say that i am in fact a Jesus Freak...i freaking LOVE my God, my Faith, the life i live through them. But if we are going to reach out to our peers, or other countries, we must understand what kind of a life they are leading. We must learn how to get across to them. And if we ever want Jesus to come back...

Well lets just say WE BETTER GET ON IT!! People say we are running out of time to tell people about God.. but we aren't running out of time because Jesus is coming back, we're running out of time because all those people we need to be reaching are running out of years on this earth.. and it breaks my heart to think they may not ever experience our God...

So join me.
Help me share God's love and forgiveness..
No matter who you are with, where you are at, or how awkward you might feel.
Everybody that doesn't know God is searching for something more whether they know it or not...

Why not help them find God?
He provides the ultimate life, love, friends and faith that i believe EVERYBODY is searching for.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Being grateful in an ungrateful world

i'm going to start out this blog by saying that i think i have gotten past my blogging block.. i couldn't get myself to blog for some strange reason but now i have all these things on my mind to talk about!! so deal with it:)

So tonight i went and played basketball with my man..[gosh he's a stud=]
After basketball we went to his house.. the little stinker poured water on me!
ok actually i guess i poured water on myself, but its because he filled my glass of water up to the VERY top!
Now at the moment i was pretty upset..i mean what the heck with making me pour water all over myself?!?!
Of course i didn't thank him for getting me H2O cuz most of it ended up in my lap, on my keys and on the couch.. but w/e...

So after i left his apartment i had the radio on, and on it they were talking about being ungrateful..
We live in a world where people take everything for granted.
Take the computer screen you are looking at right now for example..
Did you wake up this morning, turn your computer on, and take a second to say, "God, thank you for this computer!"
Did you thank him for helping you to wake up?
Do you know how many people won't ever wake up after tonight?
I not only wake up, but i can drive to school, go to class, eat 3 meals a day, run in the afternoon, watch TV at night, and do it all over again the next day.
People have gotten so used to having what they need, they are no longer grateful.
Try going to a 3rd world country and see what they wake up to every morning, and what they do with their days.. and tell me your life is rough!
[what a fitting topic right? with Thanksgiving having just happend.lol]

SO. this all brings me back to my original story about Jason being the little stinker he is...


I should have been grateful that he is here to bring me the water to spill on myself.
Jason almost died a few years ago...
He got in a car accident and almost didn't come out alive, but our prayers were answered.
So many people have lost someone that is important to them.. i have lost many of them.
But i'm not sad that they aren't here..
I'm happy that i have memories with them!
I'm thankful for time well spent..
And tonight i am NOW thankful for the extra time God has given me with Jason.
I'm thankful that i was able to sit in a warm apartment today [even if it is small]
I'm thankful that i can type on this computer [even if it freezes all the time]
I'm thankful for my family [even if we don't always see eye to eye]
I'm thankful for love [even if it hurts sometimes]
I'm thankful for life [even if i do have to see the Dr. here and there]
I'm thankful for my faith [even if people do mock me because of it]

On the radio they were talking about a group of widows they had been talking from the September 11 terrorist attacks..
One of the ladies said..[this breaks my heart]
"I wish i still had my husband to leave the toilet seat up all the time."
I am guilty of giving jason a hard time about this... i think i need to start thanking God for giving me a guy like Jason to leave it up:)

So tomorrow, when i wake up, i will thank God for my heart beat, for my hearing, for my sight, for my legs, my shower, my car, probably even my homework.. because all these things are signs of how blessed i am EVERYDAY.

Friday, November 26, 2010

.:a tradition:.

Thursday, 11.25.2010, was Thanksgiving..just incase some of you forgot..

We have a tradition:
Back when the pilgrims first came to America, they didn't have very much food so they lived on 5 kernals of corn a day..in memory of this hard time in their life, and to help us realize how grateful we should be....

We stand in a circle with all of our friends and family that are around for Thanksgiving and we each get 5 kernals of corn...then we go around the circle and each say 3 things we are grateful for (5 takes a little to long when you have 20+ people over)

This Thanksgiving i had something very special to be thankful for...
My dad and his brother haven't gotten along since before i was born.
Because of stupid misunderstandings, they never talked,
They hated each other because of things about my dad that my uncle had gotten the impression of when they were still young.
Things that were completely unrealistic..
Because of these things,
We didn't talk to my uncle or his family(hardly)..
And they didn't talk to us.

However this year something changed.
My uncle and grandpa had gotten into a fight a few months ago..
My dad intervened because it was getting out of control..
Accusations that were just out of this world were being flung around between my uncle and grandpa, all because grandpa is old and slowly losing his memory..
Finally it all came out between my uncle and my dad..
And to their astonishment..the things that had been haunting their relationship for their whole lives were completely false!
All the impressions my uncle had of my dad.. that we were ripping of my grandpa and had gotten our land because grandpa didn't know the difference etc..CRAZY STUFF!!!

After hours of talking, they got EVERYTHING worked out..
This is a miracle.
I have three cousins that i haven't spent more than 10 minutes with because of this family grudge..
This Thanksgiving i was given one of the greatest blessings of all..
I spent all of thanksgiving with my Uncle, his wife, and 2 of my 3 cousins.

So this thanksgiving God blessed me.
As we went around the table saying what we were thankful for,
it started with my dad..
Dad: Family, Freedom, and being there with all of us.
Me: ALL of the family that was there, freedom, and Faith
Alissa: Family, Freedom, Beautiful place to live
Matt: Family, Friends, Food :P
[then it came to my little cousin: Jacob]
I want you to understand something. My cousin Jacob turned 5 in October..He shouldn't have been 5 till January.
Jacob was born 3 1/2 months early. He died a few times..has been on air his whole life till this year.. couldn't go out in public for fear of getting sick and dying.. as it came to Jacob, he didn't hesitate.. nobody had to explain what we were doing...
Jacob: "I'm thankful for all of us being here together." [a beautiful blessing and miracle]
Then it was Luke's turn.. Luke is 8 years old..but a very smart little guy..
Luke: "i'm thankful for family, food, and for Jacob being here because he died 2 times and he is still here and is not on a breathing machine" [WOW!! what an amazing LOVE]
Uncle Joe: Jacob not being on a breathing machine
Kak: Not having to worry about Jacob getting sick from us, and all of us being together as a family...
Mom:...well lets just say she went over her limit of 3...but i know she said family and freedom:)

So this year.. even though my brother-in-law wasn't here.. i had so much to be grateful for at thanksgiving dinner..

I have been blessed with a beautiful family and i finally got to know all of them a little bit better..God is amazing.. and he works in crazy ways:)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Muchas Gracias..

1. Spell Check....yes yes i know.. this is a strange thing to be thankful for, however can anybody tell me they aren't grateful for it? i mean seriously you can spell anything wrong and it will help you correct it so you don't look like a bum infront of your professor. now yes, it is incorrect sometimes but hey.. atleast most of the time you can count on this little computer program to help you out in a tight spot:)
2. Music.....listening to music, playing music, thinking music, singing. what an amazing form of art. i got home for thanksgiving break, and one of the first things i did was went in and sat down to play my piano..wow i missed that thing.. it is such a great way to relax, whether you are playing or listening to it on your ipod or computer.. not to mention it keeps you company on long drives! yes.. i do believe music is one of God's greatest gifts to us..
3. Pictures...pictures are worth a thousand words...some pictures honestly make me speechless.. God has given us this beautiful world to live in with beautiful little things about it, so why not take pictures of all those things to help us remember them.. and photography, just like music to me is an amazing way to relax and really enjoy every second of the life God has blessed us with:)
4. To be able to run...this one is very important to me. I look around and i see people who have been told they will never walk again..this is a horrible tragedy i think. Running is like an addiction to me.. i live to run. when i have had an amazing day.. i go run and just think about life.. when i have a horrible day i go run and think about it all...you can get out so much stress, and afterwards you feel amazing.. (and it helps me focus on my studying;]) just a side note.. haha..thank you God for legs, muscles, and a healthy body so i can run anywhere i want, when i want!
5. Vitamins...these last few years i have really had a hard time with my stomach for some reason.. it always hurts and it has even at times kept me from running. I've gone to Dr.s and they don't know what is wrong.. however, i have found these awesome vitamins that make my stomach not hurt, just enough so i can actually live my life and not have to suffer through the random stomach spasms.. thank you Father for vitamins, and the people that made them.. SO GRATEFUL!
6. Animals...and last of all..my animals are super important to me.. the main 2 being my dog Aspen and my horse Tuffy.. yes i know some crazy random names but hey.. aspen is very fitting if you would ever meet my dog:) she is a yellow lab, very loving, sweet, and if she was allowed to, she would live on my lap and she would never leave:) i have raised her since she was a little puppy (we own her mom too) and wowzers do i LOVE that dog...and tuffy.. well i didn't name him, we got him and he was already named but hey.. he's a big tuff horse so w/e i guess it works:) he's a beautiful paint horse and he has always been one of the greatest horses we have ever owned.. so ya, very thankful for all my pets!

as you can see, there are so many things to be thankful for, and i wish we would remember to be thankful for these things year round, and not just around the end of November.. God has blessed us in SO many ways and i wish we could all see it...even random little things like spell check.. God had to give someone the tallent to come up with a random idea like that right?!? so this week.. try to think of all the things in your life you have to be thankful for:)

Friday, November 19, 2010

thankful for warmth...

3 more things i'm super grateful for...

1. Warmth: Right now i'm sitting in my apartment and let me tell you.. it is not warm! Mybe that is why all the things i'm blogging about being grateful in this blog are warm.. who knows.. but anyway, i love being warm. i would rather be hot anyday of the week than cold.. and i am so thankful for blankets, sweaters, sweat pants and anything warm:)
[thankful for heat]

2. Sunshine: The sun is one of the most beautiful things ever.. There is something about the color, light, and warmth that it produces that just makes life so much more beautiful! The feeling you get after it shines on your face for a few minutes is enough to brighten your day! There is a reason vitamin D is so important....
[thankful for sunny days]

3. Hot Drinks: And now the thing that i am most thankful for at this very moment would be hot drinks.. the last few days i have pretty much been living on Hot Cider..Chai...and Hot Cocoa...how good is a hot drink on a cold day when you have a sore throat.. SO AMAZING!
[thankful for CHAI!]

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanks God:)

Sooo I kinda slacked off yesterday.. not sure why, i guess i just forgot to blog about things i'm grateful for.. but here goes...

1. Freedom: I, along with everybody else that lives in America, i think should be extremely grateful for freedom. Supporting our troops is something that we all need to do. If they weren't fighting for our freedom we wouldn't be able to say what we want...pray to whoever we want..work where we want...i'm pretty sure they deserve our respect to say the least...
[thankful for freedom]

2. Beautiful Place to Live: I have been so blessed with 2 of the most beautiful places on earth to live. Colorado and Hawaii..The best of both worlds.. let me tell you. Huge mountains with snow half of the year and beautiful green pastures the other half. And waves crashing up on the dark black lava sand beach.. i could not ask for more:)
[thankful for a beautiful world]

3. Friends: I know some of the most beautiful girls, and awesome guys. God has blessed me with some people that love and fear God..he has given me people that love me for who i am, give me a hug when i need one, and listen when i need someone to talk to.
[thanful for guys and gals]

4. Holidays: Thank God for holidays...right now i am in desprate need of a break from school and lucky for me...THANKSGIVING is right around the corner=] however, my favorite holiday is Christmas.. not only for a very obvious reason that i have a whole month off of break, but also that it is my birthday..and to top it all off. it is Jesus' birthday.
[thankful for no school and parties]

5. Weekends: A weekend, kind of like a holiday is a pleasant break from school and the craziness of the week...you get 2 days to be exact, and on those days you can do almost anything your heart desires assuming you have cleaned the house and done your homework and studying..one of my favorite things to do on weekends is sports and sleep in..
[thankful for a small break]

6. Sleep: And that leads me to my final thing i'm grateful for.. for now anyway...SLEEP!! Ya know when you are sitting in class or at work and you just feel like you can't keep your eyes open no matter how much coffee you have? well thats why we were made to sleep. you go home, eat, shower and crawl into bed.. and if is a (weekend) you can even sleep in.. while sleeping you drool..dream...and don't have to worry about anything..
[thankful for peaceful slumber]

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Am Grateful For...

Because i have so many things to be grateful for i'm going to tell you about 3 every day till thanksgiving:)

1. God

I will start out by telling you that i am grateful for the opportunity to love a God that loves me back. I am so thankful that i have a God that forgives me, gives me strength, gives me love... and quite simply, gives me a reason to live. The feeling i get when i think of how amazing this God is like something that nobody else could ever experience accept with MY God. If the whole world worshiped and loved my God the way i do..well this would be a very different world.

2. Family

Wow.. there is so much i could say about my family..I have the most beautiful, loving, strong family on earth..
Provides for our family no matter what
loves all of us
is strong
most awesome dad on earth:)
Srong in her faith
sooo sooo caring
most loving mom on earth
Awesome at riding horses
one and only sister
(but really a brother;))
greatest [big] brother i could ever ask for
Awesome snowboarder and wakeboarder
GREATEST little brother on earth
3. Jason

This is the guy i just can't get enough of. I am so grateful to have such a faithful, loving boyfriend and best friend. This is the guy i plan on spending the rest of my life with and i can not wait to see what God has in store for us.. untill then, i am thankful for this man i have been blessed with.

stress...nuff said (almost)

Its been a long week...

its only tuesday...
This has been an amazingly awesome, yet crazy semester. i transfered schools and there are so many awesome things about CSU it would take me hours to come up with them all... but CSU has decided they are going to make it hard for me to get the classes i need this next semester... i can't actually declare my major till january 8th, which is 10 days before the next semster starts...and i can't register for 4 out of 5 of my classes untill i have declared my major.. do you all see where this is going? basically i'm gonna have a heck of a time getting into all the classes i need.. so that is stuff i've been dealing with..

i am burnt out on class.. classes are such a drag. i wish i could just show up for tests and get 100% but sadly, it isn't that easy.. i actually have to go to class and listen to dumb people ask stupid questions that could easily be answered by going back to their rooms and looking it up on GOOGLE!! There is a reason that these two awesome guys came up with google and are now billionaires.. its because it has all the answers to those stupid questions that people have..

and to top this week off... I'M SICK!! YES..

so the light in this darkness??

next week is thanksgiving break and i can not wait.. i get to go home. see my family. eat turkey and hundreds of other different types of awesome food. and not have to stress about my finals..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

There is this boy..

So there's this boy..
He is SUPER cute
he is respectful
he is loving
he is strong
he is delicate
he is tall
he is athletic
he is a [freak]
he has an awesome voice
he is a God fearing man

he makes me heart skip beats
he makes me feel butterflies when i see him
he makes me feel like a princess
he likes me;)
he pushes me to be all i can be
he holds my hand
he likes to snuggle
he loves little kid movies
he is a hard worker
he is smart
he makes me feel like i am the only girl in the world that matters to him
he talks to be about everything
he seeks Gods advice

This boy.. is not like any other boy you have ever met or will ever meet. he is the type of guy who brings everything into our relatioship i would want him to. This boy has loved me with the most amazing heart for the last 4 years. he has loved me through my struggles and comforted me when nobody else really cared. i can't see my life without him and i am so grateful God has placed him in my life..

I thank God every day for



"I believe always always
our savior never fails...
Even when all hope is gone,
God knows our pain
and his promise remains
he will be with you always..."

I witnessed a miracle the other day..
i know, most people say blatantly obvious miracles only happened in the bible.
Not true.

Jason and I are working on getting everything ready to hopefully be attending YWAM Waves DTS in Australia in July 2011. However, to do this we have to come up with around $20,000 between the two of us.
This is alot of money.
Jason is already paying for himself to go to school, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that that is expensive and it is hard to make money and go to school. But he is doing just that.

The other day all within about 3 hours he found out that he needed to buy:
A new rim for his far: $130
A new tire(for the rim): $100
He figured out his car had alot of problems
and it would be cheaper to just sell it
and get a new one: $4000 ish (he can sell his car though for about $3000)
Fix a part on his roommates jeep: $300
All these problems totaling around $1230
this is a serious amount of money especially when also trying to save up for YWAM..

I just have to say.. we serve an amazing God and when he sees that we are really willing to drop everything and follow and love Him then...this A.W.E.S.O.M.E God WILL provide..

after having these issues Jason decided to get his online bank account and see what the damage was going to be..but as soon as he got on, he saw that that day $650 from Colorado State University had been put in his bank account. Confused because he had already gotten all his grant money, Jason gave them a call.. To his amazement, he had qualified for another academic grant, and was going to receive $1300 over the course of these 2 semesters...$1300 that he had not budgeted in at all...

and here is the kicker... a few days earlier he had been talking with a few of his friends about how he knew God would provide for YWAM, but he wasn't just going to drop $1000 into jason's bank account...and bam...2 days later!!!


i think the lyrics that are at the top of this are so perfect for understanding God and his love for us.

We will always go through times of struggle, but if we put our faith and love in God, he will never fail us! Our savior NEVER fails. Jason and i were so stressed out that he wasn't going to be able to come up with the money..we had lost almost all hope, but our savior never fails. God can see that we are having a hard time, and he will always, always reach his hand down and give us the strength we need.

-Building 429

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Blessing..

Over the past few years i have had my highs and my lows..
There are days i don't want to do anything but PRAISE God...
There are days i don't want to do anything because i can't understand why God would put struggles in my life like he has..
But i have been so blessed in these last few months at Colorado State University..
This isn't my typical deep post.. but i feel i need to mention some people that have changed my life in ways it is hard for me to explain.

First of all, my love and my relationship with an amazing guy in my life has been SUCH a blessing. I have found the love of a handsome, God fearing man. A love that i know will last forever. He is the guy that every girl searches for. He shows me the love, respect, passion, strength that i know i would struggle without. He is my bestfriend that i know i can tell everything to. He loves me even when i don't do things that necessarily make him happy..and i am so excited to see what God has in store for this amazing guy and I.

I have also been blessed by a BEAUTIFUL girl whose heart for God is amazing. She has struggled through things in her past and things now, but through it all i can not help but see how much she searches for Gods purpose in it all...her passion for her form of art is amazing, and i just pray that i will have a passion for something like that the way she does and be able to actually use it the way she does, not only to please other people, but also to please God. In my eyes this girl is beautiful inside and out and she knows exactly how to brighen up someones day=]

The last group of people i feel i MUST mention that have changed my life in a huge way is FRO-YO! This group of girls, who are really like a bunch of sisters have changed my life in ways they will NEVER understand.Every single one of them have such a unique, beautiful way of loving God, and showing their faith to the world..i have never met a stronger more LOVING, more accepting group of God fearing girls in my life. I can not wait to see what Gods plan is for all of us. I thank God every day for blessing me with all of these BEAUTIFUL girls.

see what i mean??? BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE!!! God is so amazing at putting people in your life that will change your life in so many ways.. what an amazing God we serve:)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who is your hero?

Is your hero the most awesome person in the world?
Do you long to be like your hero?
How would you treat your hero if he came to visit you?
You'd probably get him anything and everything he wanted + some right?
You would make sure he was completely comfortable...
Then you would treat him like a king right?

My Hero has a little bit of a different story..
When he first appeared in this world people were already trying to kill him.. since the day he was born he was hated by many...
He never did a single thing wrong..
He saved people.
He healed people.
He loved EVERYONE.
He forgave people.
He let himself be whipped.
He let thorns be shoved into his head.
He let people spit on him.
He let people curse at him.
He let people mock him.
He carried his own cross untill he couldn't anymore.
He let people nail HUGE nails into his hands and feet.
And then He let those same people stab him in the side with a spear.
All this he did without asking for anything in return or fighting back..
And then... MY FAVORITE.. this is something that your Hero,[super or not]won't ever be able to do....after he was dead and burried...HE CAME BACK TO LIFE!! He rose from the dead. Tell me any other person living and notliving.. any other super hero that could ever rise from the dead.

People did not treat my Hero the way they would treat any other hero that came to visit.
My Hero has holes in his hands.
My Hero has a scar in his side.
My Hero is waiting for me to come running to him looking for help.
My Hero will help no matter how big or small the problem may be.
My Hero is the only one that deserved to be treated like a king.
My Hero is the one that people still hate even though he is gone.
But my Hero is also the only one that can still save you even though he isn't on earth.

Now tell me that your hero is better than mine. I dare you.

Monday, November 1, 2010

25 things I am looking forward to...

50 things I can not wait for....
1.[the return of christ]
2.[to be done with this semester]
4.[Fall/Thanksgiving Break (18)]
5.[to share my testimony]
6.[to change someones life]
7.[to be married]
8.[to have kids]
9.[to be with my Father in heaven]
10.[the first snow]
13.[to see god's plan for me]
14.[to wake up tomorrow]
15.[to get a puppy]
16.[to be done with this Policy Speech]
17.[go skydiving]
18.[blog tomorrow]
19.[owning my own home]
20.[planning my wedding]
21.[traveling to...europe..AUSTRALIA...africa]
23.[being my goal weight]
24.[running the 1/2 marathon in may]
25.[graduating college]

oh gosh. so many things to look forward to! life is so awesome, and is going to be so awesome!! YAY FOR THE FUTURE!