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Monday, November 8, 2010

A Blessing..

Over the past few years i have had my highs and my lows..
There are days i don't want to do anything but PRAISE God...
There are days i don't want to do anything because i can't understand why God would put struggles in my life like he has..
But i have been so blessed in these last few months at Colorado State University..
This isn't my typical deep post.. but i feel i need to mention some people that have changed my life in ways it is hard for me to explain.

First of all, my love and my relationship with an amazing guy in my life has been SUCH a blessing. I have found the love of a handsome, God fearing man. A love that i know will last forever. He is the guy that every girl searches for. He shows me the love, respect, passion, strength that i know i would struggle without. He is my bestfriend that i know i can tell everything to. He loves me even when i don't do things that necessarily make him happy..and i am so excited to see what God has in store for this amazing guy and I.

I have also been blessed by a BEAUTIFUL girl whose heart for God is amazing. She has struggled through things in her past and things now, but through it all i can not help but see how much she searches for Gods purpose in it all...her passion for her form of art is amazing, and i just pray that i will have a passion for something like that the way she does and be able to actually use it the way she does, not only to please other people, but also to please God. In my eyes this girl is beautiful inside and out and she knows exactly how to brighen up someones day=]

The last group of people i feel i MUST mention that have changed my life in a huge way is FRO-YO! This group of girls, who are really like a bunch of sisters have changed my life in ways they will NEVER understand.Every single one of them have such a unique, beautiful way of loving God, and showing their faith to the world..i have never met a stronger more LOVING, more accepting group of God fearing girls in my life. I can not wait to see what Gods plan is for all of us. I thank God every day for blessing me with all of these BEAUTIFUL girls.

see what i mean??? BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE!!! God is so amazing at putting people in your life that will change your life in so many ways.. what an amazing God we serve:)

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  1. awee, this made my day <3
    p.s. linked ur blog to mine, and by that i mean i put a link to urs on mine: ))
    now back to studying... grr
    LOVE love