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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who is your hero?

Is your hero the most awesome person in the world?
Do you long to be like your hero?
How would you treat your hero if he came to visit you?
You'd probably get him anything and everything he wanted + some right?
You would make sure he was completely comfortable...
Then you would treat him like a king right?

My Hero has a little bit of a different story..
When he first appeared in this world people were already trying to kill him.. since the day he was born he was hated by many...
He never did a single thing wrong..
He saved people.
He healed people.
He loved EVERYONE.
He forgave people.
He let himself be whipped.
He let thorns be shoved into his head.
He let people spit on him.
He let people curse at him.
He let people mock him.
He carried his own cross untill he couldn't anymore.
He let people nail HUGE nails into his hands and feet.
And then He let those same people stab him in the side with a spear.
All this he did without asking for anything in return or fighting back..
And then... MY FAVORITE.. this is something that your Hero,[super or not]won't ever be able to do....after he was dead and burried...HE CAME BACK TO LIFE!! He rose from the dead. Tell me any other person living and notliving.. any other super hero that could ever rise from the dead.

People did not treat my Hero the way they would treat any other hero that came to visit.
My Hero has holes in his hands.
My Hero has a scar in his side.
My Hero is waiting for me to come running to him looking for help.
My Hero will help no matter how big or small the problem may be.
My Hero is the only one that deserved to be treated like a king.
My Hero is the one that people still hate even though he is gone.
But my Hero is also the only one that can still save you even though he isn't on earth.

Now tell me that your hero is better than mine. I dare you.

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