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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Being grateful in an ungrateful world

i'm going to start out this blog by saying that i think i have gotten past my blogging block.. i couldn't get myself to blog for some strange reason but now i have all these things on my mind to talk about!! so deal with it:)

So tonight i went and played basketball with my man..[gosh he's a stud=]
After basketball we went to his house.. the little stinker poured water on me!
ok actually i guess i poured water on myself, but its because he filled my glass of water up to the VERY top!
Now at the moment i was pretty upset..i mean what the heck with making me pour water all over myself?!?!
Of course i didn't thank him for getting me H2O cuz most of it ended up in my lap, on my keys and on the couch.. but w/e...

So after i left his apartment i had the radio on, and on it they were talking about being ungrateful..
We live in a world where people take everything for granted.
Take the computer screen you are looking at right now for example..
Did you wake up this morning, turn your computer on, and take a second to say, "God, thank you for this computer!"
Did you thank him for helping you to wake up?
Do you know how many people won't ever wake up after tonight?
I not only wake up, but i can drive to school, go to class, eat 3 meals a day, run in the afternoon, watch TV at night, and do it all over again the next day.
People have gotten so used to having what they need, they are no longer grateful.
Try going to a 3rd world country and see what they wake up to every morning, and what they do with their days.. and tell me your life is rough!
[what a fitting topic right? with Thanksgiving having just happend.lol]

SO. this all brings me back to my original story about Jason being the little stinker he is...


I should have been grateful that he is here to bring me the water to spill on myself.
Jason almost died a few years ago...
He got in a car accident and almost didn't come out alive, but our prayers were answered.
So many people have lost someone that is important to them.. i have lost many of them.
But i'm not sad that they aren't here..
I'm happy that i have memories with them!
I'm thankful for time well spent..
And tonight i am NOW thankful for the extra time God has given me with Jason.
I'm thankful that i was able to sit in a warm apartment today [even if it is small]
I'm thankful that i can type on this computer [even if it freezes all the time]
I'm thankful for my family [even if we don't always see eye to eye]
I'm thankful for love [even if it hurts sometimes]
I'm thankful for life [even if i do have to see the Dr. here and there]
I'm thankful for my faith [even if people do mock me because of it]

On the radio they were talking about a group of widows they had been talking from the September 11 terrorist attacks..
One of the ladies said..[this breaks my heart]
"I wish i still had my husband to leave the toilet seat up all the time."
I am guilty of giving jason a hard time about this... i think i need to start thanking God for giving me a guy like Jason to leave it up:)

So tomorrow, when i wake up, i will thank God for my heart beat, for my hearing, for my sight, for my legs, my shower, my car, probably even my homework.. because all these things are signs of how blessed i am EVERYDAY.

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