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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Muchas Gracias..

1. Spell Check....yes yes i know.. this is a strange thing to be thankful for, however can anybody tell me they aren't grateful for it? i mean seriously you can spell anything wrong and it will help you correct it so you don't look like a bum infront of your professor. now yes, it is incorrect sometimes but hey.. atleast most of the time you can count on this little computer program to help you out in a tight spot:)
2. Music.....listening to music, playing music, thinking music, singing. what an amazing form of art. i got home for thanksgiving break, and one of the first things i did was went in and sat down to play my piano..wow i missed that thing.. it is such a great way to relax, whether you are playing or listening to it on your ipod or computer.. not to mention it keeps you company on long drives! yes.. i do believe music is one of God's greatest gifts to us..
3. Pictures...pictures are worth a thousand words...some pictures honestly make me speechless.. God has given us this beautiful world to live in with beautiful little things about it, so why not take pictures of all those things to help us remember them.. and photography, just like music to me is an amazing way to relax and really enjoy every second of the life God has blessed us with:)
4. To be able to run...this one is very important to me. I look around and i see people who have been told they will never walk again..this is a horrible tragedy i think. Running is like an addiction to me.. i live to run. when i have had an amazing day.. i go run and just think about life.. when i have a horrible day i go run and think about it all...you can get out so much stress, and afterwards you feel amazing.. (and it helps me focus on my studying;]) just a side note.. haha..thank you God for legs, muscles, and a healthy body so i can run anywhere i want, when i want!
5. Vitamins...these last few years i have really had a hard time with my stomach for some reason.. it always hurts and it has even at times kept me from running. I've gone to Dr.s and they don't know what is wrong.. however, i have found these awesome vitamins that make my stomach not hurt, just enough so i can actually live my life and not have to suffer through the random stomach spasms.. thank you Father for vitamins, and the people that made them.. SO GRATEFUL!
6. Animals...and last of all..my animals are super important to me.. the main 2 being my dog Aspen and my horse Tuffy.. yes i know some crazy random names but hey.. aspen is very fitting if you would ever meet my dog:) she is a yellow lab, very loving, sweet, and if she was allowed to, she would live on my lap and she would never leave:) i have raised her since she was a little puppy (we own her mom too) and wowzers do i LOVE that dog...and tuffy.. well i didn't name him, we got him and he was already named but hey.. he's a big tuff horse so w/e i guess it works:) he's a beautiful paint horse and he has always been one of the greatest horses we have ever owned.. so ya, very thankful for all my pets!

as you can see, there are so many things to be thankful for, and i wish we would remember to be thankful for these things year round, and not just around the end of November.. God has blessed us in SO many ways and i wish we could all see it...even random little things like spell check.. God had to give someone the tallent to come up with a random idea like that right?!? so this week.. try to think of all the things in your life you have to be thankful for:)

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