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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is gonna be an awesome month. just wanna throw that out there:)
birthday, football, valentines day, and much much more i'm sure..
[yes, there will be school, but we'll look past that for now:)]
So, hello month of love and fun! heehee i'm a [FReaK]

1. No working out today, i know, i know i need to, particularly cuz i got on the scale, and wasn't happy with what i saw, however, i've been living my life and enjoying it, so w/e so long as i don't gain like 5000 lbs i'll be happy:) tomorrow i'll work hard, and i'm attempting this thing called Iron Ram.. i'll let ya know more about it later:)

2. Today my devo talked about living large..i think in a way i touched on this sunday, when i talked about how awesome of a day i had.. but just kind of re stating that.. God doesn't want our lives to be boring! he wants us to have a blast and enjoy all of it! No, it won't be the easiest thing you have ever done, but through the lows and pain, you will find peace and joy i do believe. I know i have been able to. Its amazing how much better life seems when God plays the leading role in it! Brokenness isn't horrible, its what i like to call "Beautifully Broken" which means that God breaks you down to build you up. You learn from your mistakes, and God is there to help you through into a more full, more beautiful, more fun life! God wants us to lean on him and trust him 110% and i believe that is why we go through our struggles is to really search for him in all things. Isn't it so exciting to think about all the things God has in store for us?!?!?!?!!! i think its AMAZING!

speaking of what God has in store.. i have AWESOME news:)
I have officially been accepted into YWAM DTS in Australia!! I AM GOING TO AUSTRALIA TO LEARN ABOUT GOD AND SHARE IS LOVE WITH BROKEN PEOPLE!! you.have.no.idea.how.excited.i.am... there really are no words to describe the joy in my heart right now. I am going to miss people a ton, and quite honestly, i'm a little freaked out right now because we each have to come up with around $3000 in the next month to really get on the ball with this thing, so we have some SERIOUS fundraising to do, but at the same time, the [freaked out] part is like super duper rediculously stoked. I KNOW that I would not have been accepted to YWAM if it wasn't God's plan for my life, and so i have complete faith that He is going to provide all i need to do this. My mom said to pray and have faith like he is going to provide, but work towards it like he isn't. God doesn't just drop $10000-> in your bank account, i know i will have to work. But i know God will make all things possible.. so thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and support! I'll keep you all updated on the progress=]

3. Today just had a bunch of ++++++'s i got accepted to YWAM, got my Piano in the mail from my DAD!! YAY! and i skipped a bunch of classes:) WOOHOO! lol.. oops!
mmmm...Ravioli Florentine!
And again.. it was SO YUMMY! let me know if you want the recipe=]
NO, it is not a body.. wanna guess?? any takers?
hint: its a huge musical instrument that weighed 98 lbs.
took about 45 minutes to unpack dads awesome packing job.. yes, he is a builder, obviously from us awesome packing job in a wooden box with 100+ screws.lol
there ya have it, in this [body box] was MY PIANO!!! YAY!! THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!
what a beautiful sight:) black and white..ahh yes

overall, a pretty good day besides the -5 temps all day.. brr!
once again, HAPPY FEBRUARY 1st!!

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