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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

epic fail. =]

Well, if you all hadn't noticed, this whole blog thing has been an EPIC fail.. however, incase you forgot, IT WAS NOT my new years resolution to blog every day, you just got super lucky at the beginning of the year..hahahaha..
but, i haven't in fact been keeping up my end of the new years resolutions, pretty much..

1. I have been training hard for my half marathon which is now officially in about 3 weeks. SO CRAZY! Saturday i ran 10 miles..outside.. and it was actually really nice! it was warm, sunny, and i ran a 10:24 pace.. i know, pretty slow, and i have to cut 1 1/2 minutes off each mile for my half if i plan on break 2 hours.. but i have faith i will do it:) so i just have to continue training hard! This friday i will be running 13, and then its homestretch from there! wahoo! i'm ridiculously excited.lol

2. I have also been reading my devotion, which is a huge pick me up every day.. I LOVE IT! still..teehee. you should totally read it:)

3. and of course, i have been taking pictures, and of course, once again i have like a bajillion pictures to put on here, and i'm sorry.. i'll attempt to keep you all a little more updated, but we'll see how it goes.. k, so here is my last 1 1/2 weeks!
yes..yes..and yyyeeeeeesssssss... WE ARE GOING! we bought the tickets!! thank you Jesus!
heehee, yes i made crepes again.. they are SO GOOD! and so easy.
sell out CSU mens basketball game.. unfortunatly we lost, but hey, it was cool:P
how mean does that ram look? thats right, don't mess with CSU!
MMMMMMM Raviolis! for the record, I LOVE ITALIAN!!
Me and Mr. Shark!
Downtown Aquarium!
Mr. Handsome ;]
yes, i believe i officially have the most awesome boyfriend on earth!! He took me to the aquarium for a late Valentines day.. LOVE HIM!
AHH we were standing on the shark! lol. so creepy
and then, to make my man even better, he took me to the cheesecake factory! LOVE spinach dip
delicious pasta..mmmm
and of course, cheesecake! he had mango keyline and i had white chocolate blue berry..ahh yes please
our awesome armbands..lol
oh yes, God is SOOO good to me:) thanks God for this amazing man!

soo... that was my week up till sunday.. i'll put the pictures from this week up tomorrow:) love you all! hope your week has been good!

1 comment:

  1. aquarium= my idea : )
    andddddd haha mr. shark is mine.
    im too tired to be commenting.
    bah ha
    oh well
    please blog more.
    because umm i like to read it.
    k good?
    good night!