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......my life.......
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Sunday, February 6, 2011


YAY FOR WEEKENDS! The only bad thing about today is i have NO idea where it went! It started off with talking to God for over an hour, and i just want to say, it felt AMAZING.
Me and God and music playing in the background.. i really felt like i heard him speaking to me:)
then talked with some girls i may be living with next year, GOD WILLING.. and that was really nice, then watched 7 pounds.. saddest movie ever pretty much! and then off to walmart for wonderful weekly shopping.. ugh.. HATE SPENDING MONEY! lol..
1.no working out.. i honestly have no idea where the day ran off to, so i unfortunately didn't fit any workout in:( kinda sad about it because i really wanted to.lol

2. Today i read about failing. we are all really scared to do new stuff because of the fear of failure. Ask a person why they don't do something they really want to, and i can almost guarantee their answer will be that they didn't want to fail.. they don't want to be embarased if they didn't succeed. HOW SAD!! People who have invented things we use all the time every day failed before they succeeded. Life isn't going to be a breeze.. life isn't always going to be easy, and we most definitly are not always going to succeed at everything on the first try. So we have to take the first step, even if there is a risk of not succeeding. If you have to make a cake for a party and you fail the first time, obviously you're probably going to try it again because you HAVE to have it for the party.. no questions asked.. you don't give up after the first try at small things that don't matter, so don't give up after the first try at something hard that does matter. Also, keep in mind that our idea of success can be very different than God's plan. "Try try again."

3. kind of had fun taking pictures of my random day.
First of all, i was making a smoothie and i melted my honey bear!! HOW SAD IS THAT? luckily i have another, but i felt bad.. the microwave melted two holes in his poor little feet and honey went all over the microwave.. ugh. oops!

obviously, he ended up in the trash..:(
ok.. i splurged and got a McFlurry.. it was awesome! and to top it off, i walked outside and there were flurries falling from the sky! SNOW!! WOOHOO! So beautiful!
mmmm M&M!
I bought flowers=] they are for jason's and my photo shoot tomorrow and i am stoked.lol.. gonna be awesome! i hope:)
so beautiful! even cheap $5 walmart flowers are beautiful.. what an awesome God he must be to make beauty like this.
and CHECK THIS OUT!! that right there is a thermos.. so now i can bring soup to school for lunch.. so it will keep my food warm, and it looks AWESOME!! haha.. pretty great day in all.. tomorrow is gonna be wild, so i believe its time for some sleep...

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