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Sunday, February 6, 2011


WAHOO wonderful/horrible day.. turns out my battery is dead which means not going to class in the morning, instead i will spend the day attempting to get my car working. WONDERFUL!
however, i did do some fun pictures with my handsome man... the bad side of that? well first of all.. it was REALLY REALLY COLD! second of all, as i walked out my apartment door with my balloon it ripped off the string and blew off into the wild blue yonder. super sad... oh well.. there will be more chances for balloons.lol. then i went to the super bowl party.. which was pretty darn fun!! had it at jason's house with a bunch of people from Outpost.. super fun.. and ate lots of bad food.lol.. TOMORROW i have to get serious about this whole healthy running thing again.lol. wow i'm so bad. anyway..

1. welp obviously i didn't do squat.. but as i said, tomorrow i'll get serious. i HAVE to because my mom is going to end up beating me in my half marathon coming up in about 6 weeks. lol!

2. today in my devotion i read about how when some doors close, other ones are opened. My quote that went in the yearbook my senior year talked about how when one door closes, another one opens, but so often we spend so much time thinking about the one that closed, we miss the ones that were opened. i think this is something we probably all miss out on alot. We really are soo often worried about how one thing is completely falling apart, that we don't see the other thing that was thrown right in our path...we keep our head down, walk around it, and keep on walking. God blesses us soo much in our lives, i really think we need to start looking for the things he is throwing in our lives, rather than worry about the things that are changing or being taken out.

3. ahh yes... this was kind of the highlight of my day since the [super bowl commercials were HORRIBLE].... jason and i took some fun random pictures.lol. even if it was super duper cold.. and i must say, i am dating a photographer! lol.. what a man!

Reeses bars for the super bowl party!! YUM
and pigs in a blanket.. lol.. they were really tasty too.. bahaha.. tomorrow=start eating healthy!

I hope your sunday was fantastic and has you prepared for another week.. i'm not sure i'm really prepared for my week, however, i will try to look for open doors instead of ones that are closing!!
Also, I HAVE MY FIRST EXAM THIS WEEK!! OH MY GOSH! kinda freakin out.. k not really but i'm gonna have to do some serious studying.lol

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