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Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10...

Well today was quite the day.. started SUPER early with having to wake up and do some serious shoveling while Matt plowed. 8 INCHES!! and -3 degrees.. no me gusta..
Then headed to Pueblo and that took entirely too long to drive down there. about 1 1/2 hours.. snow/ice packed roads.. gotta love the job the road crew does right? anyway..

1. Didn't run..didn't do anything super physical besides shovel some snow.. after my 8 miles yesterday i decided a rest day was in order..and i feel AWESOME! all ready to run 4 miles tomorrow:)

2. Today i was a very happy camper.. i got my devotion book!! YES.. LOVE IT! turns out the days i read online are different than what is written in the book, so i have some serious catching up to do.. 8 days anyway.. but tomorrow is a stay at home.. relax.. read.. and pray type of day so i'm sure i'll get all caught up.. as for now,

I read one of the devotions and it talked about if there is a light in a pot that has a lid on, nobody can see the light, but if the pot is cracked, then light can shine through.. We are like the pot.. here is how i took this devotion.

God wants us to be broken to pieces so he can put us back together. When we are broken and in need, it is then that we really call on God.. it is then that we beg him to come to our rescue. And I think that is what God wants. His whole world runs around us calling out and asking him for help, asking him to take our mess of broken pieces and put them back together.. And people will see how God came to our rescue in our brokenness because of the light that shines after we are put back together. No, we will not be PERFECT because nobody is perfect.. but we can be our best with God.. if He put us back together then i'd say that is pretty darn good.. so when you are broken and feel like there is no hope.. give your brokenness to the Lord and trust in him to put you back together:)

3. My pictures consist of a few different parts of my day..
No wonder so many people slide off the road when it snows.. because the plowing job is HORRIBLE! lol..
And thank God for a fireplace on a day like today.. Our heater and hot water heater went out last night.. thanks to our fireplace for keeping us kind of warm..[after waking up to the house being 59* that is]..lol. BRRRRR...

Hawaii.. is that you calling??? COMING!!

and well my book:) a huge highlight!

On another note.. Monday is past, which means getting to see my handsome man is another day closer.. SO excited..i have missed him so much=[

oh.. and get this.. i totally watched football all by myself tonight.. i know its crazy.. and...

I'M STILL WATCHING IT!!! bahaha.. yes.. me.. GO DUCKS.lol
k, there is my football side.. pretty non existant i'll admit, but every now and then you just gotta support a team:)

Happy Monday;)


  1. I love it! Great pics:-) Oh, and remember, they decided not to plow that road at night anymore 'cause there isn't enough traffic = totally lame! Love ya! Oh, and 8 miles? Wow, I better get after it!

  2. ugh.. i know. it was bad driving.lol