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Thursday, January 6, 2011


And another day in the books:)
I really don't know exactly where today went! i woke up WAY too early to declare my major, and next thing i know, BAM today is gone..wowsers.

1. I ran.. and it killed me [almost]
5 stinkin miles.. i have some MAJOR training to do if i'm gonna get in the top 15 in the half marathon.. i thought my legs were gonna fall off. lol.

2. I read...my devotion today talked about taking responsibility.. doing what needs to be done and not expecting other people to do them for you, much less the right way. What a crazy idea! lol. God especially wants us to take responsibility for our own actions i think:)

3. I cooked.. today was an interesting day.. i had never had tofu before so i thought, HEY WHY NOT TRY MAKING TOFU.. turns out it was the most disgusting stuff i've ever put in my mouth.. who in the world had the idea to eat that crap? lets just say all of it.. the whole pound ended up in the trash. YES i know kids in africa are starving, but i think they would rather eat worms than this mushy white goop... HOWEVER, i also cooked chicken and rice soup.. YUMMY.. this is a must type of recipe:) seriously so good. by the time it got done it looked a little more like chicken and rice, but it was super yummy..[just ask Jason:)]

4. I shot..a picture that is:) in this picture you see my NEW SCHEDULE for this coming semester.. YAY! my Rice and Chicken...and of course the nasty tofu.. so sick.lol

5. I conqured.. YES me.. even though i didn't quite conqure the spelling of that word [both times] i did infact mast the art of declaring my major, however i don't think i'd do it again... waking up at 6, to be in line at 7 isn't exactly on my bucket list if you hadn't noticed. lol. BUT, i did declare a marketing major, and i DID get all the classes i need.. maybe not at the time i wanted, but i have them.. SUCCESS!
Jason and i set up our account for our YWAM fundraising.. SO STINKIN STOKED! i seriously can't even believe how close its getting:) exciting to say the least=]

So.. there ya go.. pictures, running, food, and driving = my day:)

oh, and then, to top it all off... i spent the night with my boy watching 'Killers' which i must say really is kind of a good movie:)

livin the life

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  1. Told you "Killers" was good:-) I've never cooked Tofu but have had it already prepared and it was quite tasty... kinda like chicken or whatever it is you season it to taste like. Oh, and sweet Mon schedule, 1 class? That's pretty nice even if it is first thing. Then youhave the rest of the day to study, work out, cook, sleep, etc. *sigh* I miss college!