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Saturday, January 8, 2011


I don't know about you, but it seems like time is flying! which is awesome because i'm really missing my handsome man right about now.. 1 more week till i see him again:) YAY! and the faster the time goes, the sooner we are headed to Australia! WAHOO!
[maybe i'll get an awesome accent like they have!]
well today was quite the day
as much as i wanted to sleep in, other things were in order.
I went over to do the chores [dogs,cats,horses] and WOW
Things sure do fall apart fast..
i had some serious messes to clean up which i did for the next 1 1/2 hours! UGH
then a helicopter flew over..strange. it was black and white and super duper low to the ground. actually i thought it just might land on our property.. it didnt
SO i spent the next 1/2 hour trying to call people to make sure some criminal hadn't escaped from the florence prison.. NONE DID! YAY!
as for the helicopter? who knows.. NOBODY!

1. Today was an easy day of running since tomorrow will be the death of me. i just ran 2 easy miles.. felt pretty good though:)

2. Still don't have my devotion book yet:( and the ones i was reading online ran out yesterday.. sooo today i just ready my 1 year bible reading thing.. it was pretty good. read about abraham and sarah!! God is such an awesome God to bless them with children.. and abraham had some serious faith, let me tell you!

3. these puppies are the source of my crazy morning.. but i love them:)

as for the clementine.. not sure.. it was yummy and so i took a picture:) lol
Did lots of thinking and praying today.. i think God has some crazy things in mind for my year!! [crazy in a good way of course] (all things that are Gods plan are good)

now its time for pizza and some Psych with my brother..
[who amazingly enough helped clean the dogs mess up! WOOHOO!! i do believe he is growing up:)]

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