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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1.24 & 1.25 & 1.26

Well, as you can tell i have fallen behind on this whole deal.. oops!
don't take this wrong.. i do actually do the things i say i will every day, i just don't get to the blogging part till a few days later.. so don't worry.. i am still keeping my new years resolutions.. i DID NOT say i would blog every day.lol
1. I rode a spinner for 30 minutes and did lifting.. pretty exhausted after the race:)
2. I read about insecurity and addictions.. sometimes i struggle with being insecure about things.. i struggle with not being happy with my body.. not sure why.. i am not overweight by any means.. but i think that is just kind of a hard thing that everybody deals with, so i have really been praying and asking God to help me be happy with the body he has given me:)

1] Off day.. i was SUPER worn out.. just tired and had zero strength.. i think part of this could be attributed to having 8:00 AM class. but also just being burnt out on running.. which brings me to...i have decided to take a little break from my crazy running.. being burnt out is not good if i plan on running some half marathons, so i will resume when i feel like i want to:) for now.. light working out.. give my body a break:)

2] Today i read about drawing lines.. the thing it talked about was how we constantly say yes yes yes to people asking us to do stuff for them.. our boss asks us to do ____ our professor asks us to do ____....between all the stuff going on in our lives, it is hard to find time for ourselves.. it is necessary to have time for yourself to live your life.. to be by yourself...to spend time with God...to spend time relaxing.. learn to start drawing lines and taking time for yourself.. nobody wants to be around a worn out negative nancy right? haha..[negative nancy]

3]made a new recipe.. some YUMMY fajitas:)

1] i worked out today and it felt AMAZING!! WOOHOO!!! ran 2.2 miles.. did some sprints around a track lifted and did some rowing.. felt great=]

2]"The Confident Woman" devotion book has really been making my days alot brighter:) Today it talked about forgiving yourself. We spend so much of our lives beating ourselves up for things we shouldn't have done but we did.. or we can't get over that darn pizza we ate.. or we can't believe we lied to our parents that one time when we were 6..[k that last one was a little rediculous, but you get my point.] We have to learn to forgive ourselves the way God has.. we can't be upset with ourselves for messups, we have to learn to forgive, forget, and move on because otherwise we will continue to hold ourselves back from moving on with our lives.

3]I took pictures of my awesome shoes:) basically i'm a HUGE fan:) maybe thats why i had so much fun workout out today?? who knows.lol

there ya go:) ALL CAUGHT UP!! YAY!! i also am cooking some new food tonight, but i'll post that tomorrow i think:) YAY FOR CHILI RELLENOS, BBQ PORK, and ASPARAGUS!! MMMM.. happy wednesday:)

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  1. I thought those muffins were really good! and those legs too! and the fajitas even thought I didn't see those in real life...... you sound like a cool person! lets get together sometime