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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well, its Tuesday..
Today was kind of a slow day..
Cleaned my car
Here's the list for today:)

1> I ran.. again.. this time 4 miles.. WAHOO! Just like my 1/2 marathon training plan said to do:) BUT, i ran it faster than it said.. it said 4 10 1/2 minute miles.. slow i think.. turns out i'm in pretty bad shape, but i did do 4 10 minute miles.. gotta start training MUCH harder if i plan on being in the top 15 in the Hawaii Half:) goals.. goals..goals

2> I read my next devotion.. turns out I LOVE these devotions:) the one today talked about how there is no time like the present to do what you have always wanted to do.. along with the whole Peter getting out of the boat thing,
We have to get out of our boats NOW!

BAHAHAHA i was watching this dumb show on TV about how the world is going to end in 2012.. and i got to thinking, what would i do right now if the world really was going to end then (which its not because God says nobody will know when the end of the world is).. anyway... i came to the conclusion that i would drop out of college and travel around the world..FIRST Australia.. SECOND Italy...and i have no idea where after that.. just around.. GOSH i love traveling, what i would give to make that my life..:) maybe when i retire=]
So anyway, stop waisting time and get out of your boat and just DO something.. make a bucket list and start working on it! Make goals for yourself! Follow God!!

as for my
Today and yesterday i was reading about Noah in Genesis.. and i had a thought.. couldyou imagine the find of faith that he had to have when God told him to take all those random animals and build a huge boat and put them all in it because He was going to flood the earth.. i think it would be amazing to have the kind of faith that you hear a voice telling you to act like a crazy man, but it doesnt matter because it is God.. and God is always right.. so you build a huge ship and look crazy.. gosh.. that is my goal.. to have the kind of faith Noah did, or Daniel, or Shadrack, Mechack and Abendigo (probably butchered those names..oops).. What amazing people.. and what an even more AMAZING GOD to lay his hand on all these people..

3> And, today i did take a picture..
Now this picture needs a little explaining i think..
First: The shoes are because I RAN.. bahaha imagine that:)
Second: The cookbook i got in the mail.. Christmas Present.. and I AM STOKED. there are some seriously awesome recipes and i believe i will start cooking out of it TOMORROW! or the next day:) anyway.. Cookbook= mail today!!
Third: This jar really needs an explanation.. and an awesome one at that:) I follow a blog on here, and i'm sure the lady i follow has never read mine, but not a big deal, or i might feel a little weird copying her.. BUT her idea was just TOO awesome to not do it..soooooooooo...
This jar is a *Prayer Jar*
In it i will put a piece of paper with each thing i pray for (slightly major prayer things) such as succeeding with all my new years resolutions:) and then, at the END of the year, i will open it, and i will go through and see how much God has blessed me during the year, and i will see how amazing MY God really is..
I will see what prayers he answered, and i will see which ones weren't in his plan for my life:) i'm really excited for it!!!!! Its kind of empty right now, but over the eyar, i'm SURE it will fill right up=]

So.. thats my day.. pretty alright i think:)
Tomorrow i head up to the Fort in hopes of getting the class schedule i want.. keeping my fingers crossed!! so....
I hope your tuesday was good too=]

and remember,
jump out of your boat
travel the world..
because today could be YOUR last day!

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