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Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'm so looking forward to my sundays now:) Jason and i have decided that Sunday is our day, and so we are going to start going on fun little jaunts to random places and exploring=]
Today....we went to Estes Park, Colorado.. SO FUN!
We had some super yummy strong coffee:) White Chocolate Mocha with a shot of raspberry espresso! YUM! And that was only the beginning.. lets say it was all uphill from there:)
1. I didn't really exercise today.. just walked around estes park, hiked down the the river, and explored... but it was AWESOME!

2. Ok, so what i read about in my devotion today was AWESOME!! It talked about being anointed. It says that we have been anointed with God's power and presence to help us live life in a supernatural way. i think that is just awesome.. Today i went out and lived, and explored, and it was amazing! God has blessed us with this life and this place to live, so why not enjoy it? Take advantage of everything we have been blessed with:) Live the life you deserve to live!! God doesn't want anything less for us, so lets take advantage of it:)

3. obviously i'm going to have alot of pictures because i had an awesome day of driving and exploring so here ya go...
In front of Stanley Hotel.. such an awesome but sketch place! This is where our day started:)
Yay for mirror pictures!! haha
And again.. Stanley hotel
My lunch.. yummy ruben!
Jasons lunch.. yucky salmon salad! lol.. i'm not a fan of salmon..haha
Greatest Peach Milkshake ever.. MMMM..
our beautiful drive:)
My handsome man infront of a dam we hiked down to..
Gonna get old with this handsome guy:)
I thought it looked kinda cool:)
I got some yummy salt water taffy up there..=] SO GOOD! the bag says.. "Laura's Fine Candies: Spoiling Dinner Since 1970" lol.. i think it may have spoiled my dinner! =O oops!

In the end, it was a very successful day.. SO FUN!

Remember....Live your life in a supernatural way:)

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