..i walk with the Lord...
.......he is my love..........
.....my strength.......
......my life.......
....my best friend...


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today was not just any other day.. today was a near perfect day..
I talked to God for a really long time, and it was..
I always just get this overwhelming feeling of warmth and love when i talk to him. I can't always hear him talk back.. actually i've never heard his voice like some people in the bible say they have.. but i can FEEL him..
I may feel like i'm all alone, but then its like i'm in the middle of a perfect world.. i see the snow.. i see God
i see the animals.. i see God
i see the blue sky.. i see God
i see the running water.. i see God
He's everywhere but nowhere..
I can feel him, but i can't touch him..
God is kind of like a riddle i think.

I ask God for strength, and sometimes i feel like i can take on the world, and then there are times i ask him for strength and i don't get it.. i think it is Him trying to tell me to trust in him and trust him to be MY STRENGTH.

I ask God for the right words, and sometimes i can just spew out words from who knows where.. and other times i ask Him for the right words and nothing comes.. my mind is blank and my words are few.. but I think that is Him telling me that words aren't always necessary.. sometimes silence is worth millions of words..

I ask God for encouragement, and sometimes i feel like he is right there pushing me to be ALL i can be.. pushing me to just DO something.. be spontaneous... and other times i ask him for encouragement and i feel like He is telling me to just trust him to direct my path.. just fall back into his arms and let him carry me...

Just because we call on God about things we want or need, it doesn't mean we will get every single wish we make.. or every person will be healed that we pray for.. or that we will have the money to do what we need to do[to us it is a need.. to him it is a want]... sometimes we just have to trust that God's not answering our prayers the way we want him to is what is best for us..

God made the whole world.. he made humans.. he hasn't messed up yet.. we have to learn to trust, no matter what.

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