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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19

Alright, today is the 19th day of the new year, and honestly, i feel like i've accomplished quite a bit!! its been great so far, how i just need to keep up this pace for the rest of the year.. I WILL SUCCEED:)
Today was day 2 of class.. so another syllabus day..BUT
I ONLY HAD 1 CLASS!! BAM! monday and wednesday i have 1 class and am done at 9:50.. life is soo good:)
Today was a super exciting day.. i worked my first day!! YAY! and yes, go figure, the first day of work [which is picking a girl up from school and driving her 25 minutes home...IT SNOWED ICE!!!! yes, ICE.. not so much snow] but i made it there and back after passing 4 different accidents.. thank you God for a safe drive! Super icy roads, and rush hour does not make for safe driving conditions.lol.. but, God is good..so anyway

1. I ran.. 3.14 in 25 MINUTES!! OH MY GOSH! thats the fastest i've EVER run that distance.. YAY!! i was exstatic[sp]!! i'm getting pretty pumped for sunday to say the least.. and ya.. i felt great, and then i biked 3 miles in 8 minutes, and then rowed for 12 minutes.. overall, good day of working out:)

2. I read alot today, i had some serious [1 year bible reading] to catch up on.. i haven't completely caught up, but tomorrow inbetween classes i will:) but today i read about making mistakes in my devotion. it had an interesting take on the whole thing.. most people are scared to make mistakes because of the consequences.. BUT, GOD WILL FORGIVE YOU! now no, that doesn't mean you can go out and do all sorts of sketchy stuff, BUT, atleast you have the comfort of knowing that God will ALWAYS forgive you.. nobody is perfect, so why should we be held to those standards? Don't be scared to do new stuff, or say something just because of what could happen.. take risks...take chances..do what everybody says you cant do:)
ALSO...i read in genesis some super scandalous stuff!! just read genesis 29-31...it is crazy.. nuff said.lol

3. I took a bunch of pictures actually:)
NEW RECIPE!!! [Orange and Gold=YUM!]

I bought new running shoes!! WOOHOO!! talk about major motivation=] and long running pants to run outside, and a long sleeve shirt to run outside!! WAHOO!

Coffee may be my new FAVORITE pick me up:) thank goodness for my awesome little coffee pot.. i need a name for it.. ideas??
and last of all... i bought books..ugh.. OUCH ON THE BANK ACCOUNT!!!

Hope you were able to stay warm and toasty on this chilly, snowy day!!

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