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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 18

Yes, yesterday was infact the first day of classes.. it was...long..
Started at 8AM and went till 4:45 with class..
Then ran..
Then dinner..
and then i was too pooped to do anything else.. so i slept:)
VERY EXHAUSTING! and this semester is going to be INTENSE!

1. I ran 5 miles..i was supposed to run 3 @ 9:09 pace.. and i ended up running then in 26 minutes, so i was pretty stoked about that:) slowly getting in better shape and preparing myself for the race.. its amazing how much easier running feels every day!! YAY!!!

2. i read my devotion and it was really good! It talked about having faith in God, and that through that faith, you can achieve anything.. You can chase your dreams and follow your heart, and as long as it is glorifying God, and God is in the forefront of your thoughts, he will help you all along the way.. It ends by saying, "Remember: God's rewards are overwhelming." i think this just speaks volumes!! It is so true...if we put all our faith and trust in God to handle every aspect of our lives, he will "give us the desires of our hearts, and make all our plans succeed!" God is not the type of God that expects you to follow him 24/7 and then gives you nothing in return.. he will provide, he will give you unconditional love, he will strengthen you, and he will make sure that all your work isn't done in vain.. that doesn't mean he's going to drop $100000 on your kitchen table.. but just have a little faith and trust me.. it will be MORE THAN WORTH IT..

3. I took a picture and cooked a new recipe..[i think i'm gonna knock all my recipes for the month out in just 1 week! lol] and the picture of the tiny kitchen.. well thats our kitchen:) i just want you to see what i'm working with.. but, so long as i can cook, i'm happy..

Happy January 18th! yay for a new semester.. its gonna be the BOMB DIGGITY!!!

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