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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well it was another successful day of completing my new years resolutions:)
They say it takes 21 days to make something a habit....
I've got 2 under my belt.. YAY!!
SOOO as for today what did i do??

#1..I ran 3 miles... YAY! a 1 mile step up from yesterday:) baby steps..baby steps..lol

#2..I read an awesome devotion out of a book i ordered but haven't gotten yet. How did i read it? i found it online.. YAY ME! But it was AMAZING!
It was from Matthew 14:25-28.. Here it talks about Jesus coming to the disciples on the water, and they were all scared and thought maybe he was a ghost, but as soon as he told them who he was, Peter told him to let him come to him...
So if you think about this verse.. you really have to options, you can either be the disciples who were scared, and stayed in the boat..
You can be Peter..
the one who runs to Jesus,
the one who isn't scared to get his feet wet,
the one who wants more, more, more of his Lord..
You have to be willing to jump out of your boat and follow God no matter where that may be. Your boat could be fear, hurt, who knows.. but God doesn't just want 1/2 of you.. he wants ALL of you.. so i'm gonna jump out of my boat and follow Jesus.. hopefully you will too!!!!!!!!!!!
i am still going to read..
Genesis 3-4
Psalm 3
Matthew 3-4
i WILL read the bible in 1 year:)

#3...Today i kinda killed 2 birds with one stone:)
i took a picture
and i took a picture of a new recipe!!
So the picture of papers..
Today Jason and i talked in a 2nd church about our YWAM DTS Financial support..& i think it went good!! We had alot of people come up to us afterwards and tell us how excited they were and they will be praying for us, and they want our contact info to support us.. WAHOO!!! GOD IS SOOOO GOOOOOD!

#4...i cooked the 1st of my 10 new recipes for this month!!
It was Turkey Noodle Casserole.. and it was YUMMY!! yes maybe kinda unhealthy.. but easy and tasty, just ask if you want the recipe=]

So that was day 2 done.. turns out i LOVE doing this whole resolution thing..
And i got to hang out with Jason and worship God.. so my day doesn't get much better..


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