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.....my strength.......
......my life.......
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 15

Well, yesterday really was awesome and exhausting at the same time..
Started out with packing up, doing chores, and seeing my sister..
& then driving to Fort Collins..
Within 30 minutes of arriving at my apartment, i packed a real quick bag and headed up to a friends cabin for the night..
While at the cabin, we went ice skating/sliding in the dark, ate pizza hamburgers chocolate and donuts...and the finally crashed after watching a bunch of guy flicks.. if you haven't figured it out yet.. yes, i was the only girl there.. BUT i'm used to that, so it was alot of fun:)

1. I didn't run, do yoga, or lift.. actually pretty much all i did was sit due to the extensive driving... but hey, it was my day off.. so give me a break:)

2. In my devotion, i read about giving God EVERYTHING.. every part of your life..
Life in general...
If we give every part of our lives to God, he will take it and run..
If we give him our dreams, and it is part of his will, he will make them happen.
We have to trust God with our lives.. and if we do, i think it will be AMAZING:)

3. My picture for today was of some awesome gifts my sister brought me from her trip!!
A Lace bookmark:)

the other picture.. well jason was being silly, so i cut off the top part of his face..lol

LOVE MY SISTER! and i'm so happy she's back in the US safe and sound.. now her husband just needs to get back here:)

Overall, it was a pretty good day once i got past the driving..heehee..

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