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Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 13 &14

Once again.. i didn't blog yesterday..oops. just not feelin it i guess.lol..
but here i am to tell you about the last 2 days:)
1] Yesterday i ran 4 1/2 miles.. ugh.. boring. I need to be able to run outside again.lol.but it wasn't all bad i guess

2] I read alot yesterday..i read my bible and my devotion..
In my devotion book i was reading about how you need to always be trying new things.. people don't become successful by not failing here and there.. you can't always succeed.. Even my dad who is now amazingly successful failed along the way.. such as [running out of money in Westcliffe] haha.. i'm just saying, don't be afraid to try something new because you're worried you might fail... if everybody had that mentality, we'd still be riding around in horse drawn carts, or maybe we'd still have cars like the flinstones!! haha.. now i'm getting off topic, but basically..

3] I took a picture of the beautiful sunset:)

Today was a pretty good day too:) i took care of the animals..cleaned the house [i even mopped!] figured out some class stuff for this coming semester..and watched some CSI and Psych!! LOVE PSYCH! lol. and then i also made dinner (a new recipe!)

1. Of course on top of those things, i ran..4 miles.. you guys are probably a little curious why i keep running like the same distance.. but some days i do like 1 mile repeats at 8:20 miles.. and it totals 4 1/2.[yesterday] and then some days are just running so i get used to the distance type deal.. either way, i'm following the training plan in Runners World Magazine that lays out a 10 week training plan to break 2 hours.. and thats MY GOAL!! so ya, 4 miles..ugh. hehe

2. I read my devotion.. haven't read my bible yet, but i'll get there.
As for my devo, i read about W.O.R.R.Y.. now i don't know about you, but i am VERY guilty of worrying about things.. even though one of my favorite verses in the bible is the one about not worrying about tomorrow because it has enough worry of its own.. ya, well i struggle with worrying about how i'm going to fit everything into a day, or how i'm gonna feel when i run, or what i'm going to cook for dinner, or how the weather is going to be, or what i will wear, or if i'm actually losing my muffin top.. WHY DO I WORRY SO MUCH? i mean its not like out of control worry, its just here and there thinking about things like that, that you don't have any control over at the moment..
We really need to just put all our trust in God to handle all of it.. He is so much more powerful than us, and handle so much more than our frail little bodies can.. its such a comfort to know that God has every second of every one of my days in his hands, and he's dealing with it all...

3. Took a picture.. not real great, BUT.. it is a picture of the new recipe i cooked! WOOHOO! i cooke sesame noodles, and they really were pretty yummy.. no, i didn't make the meatballs.. i can, actually i have an awesome meatball recipe, but tonight just the noodles.. YUMMMM!!!!

ah yes, well i do believe it is time for me to catch some ZZZZZZZ's tomorrow may be slightly exhausting between driving..packing..going to a friends cabin..goin to walmart.. etc.. but hey, i'm alway up for a new challenge:) BACK TO FOCO!!

Hope your last 2 days have been FAN-TAB-U-LOUS!!!

BTW...only 1 month till Valentines day!! i need to start figuring out what i'm getting Jason for his birthday & Valentines day.. oh goodness:)

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