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......my life.......
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Friday, January 7, 2011


lets just say today wasn't exactly my day.. kinda

1) I ran.. and once again i was dying.. i ran 3 1/4 miles.. i was supposed to run 4 but i couldn't.. my legs hurt SO bad! not sure whats wrong with them.. but they better be prepared because sunday is an 8 mile type of day:(
I should be happy:) this is what i got myself into. lol. so i'll get through it:)

2) My devotion today was once again very good:) Today it talked about how God will not allow things to happen to you that you can not deal with. he won't put temptations, or obstacles in your path that he deosn't think you can handel.. NOT ON YOUR OWN OF COURSE..[with his help] right now i feel like i have some obstacles in my path, but everytime i come to one.. i get on my knees and start praying, and i have realized that not once.. has God ever thrown a curve ball that i couldn't hit.. with his coaching;)

i hope you all realize how awesome of a God we serve.. he will never leave us, never let us down, never give us something we can'd handle.. we truely do serve a loving, gracious God.

3) I did take a picture today.. actually i attempted to take a few pictures.. all were an epic fail! go figure.. like i said, today was not my day.. so here are my pictures. obviously they got worse as they went, so i quite.
as for the picture of my room..well, the way it looks is how i feel.. like a big mess in a beautiful room/world.. tomorrow will be better though:) I JUST KNOW IT!
and to explain the other stuff...the book is a devotional i got for Jason.. looks awesome:) and well my calendar pretty much speeks for itself. had an interview today and drove home.. and of course got a salted caramel hot cocoa.. YUMM.. and i think the interview went God.. now i'm just praying i'll be the one that gets picked!!!
God Willing=]

p.s I want you all to know.. that just because i LOVE taking pictures, that doesn't mean that EVERY picture throughout my year is gonna be awesome.. and i think today is a good example of that.lol. but i will try!

Psalm 7:1 "O Lord my God, in you do i take refuge;
save me from all my persuers and deliver me.

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