..i walk with the Lord...
.......he is my love..........
.....my strength.......
......my life.......
....my best friend...


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Valentines Day Prayer

A Valentines Day Prayer

Cari Lynn

Amazing Woman

She loves with all her heart

How was i blessed this richly God

I will not understand, but will be grateful

She is everything i have ever dreamed of

How do i make her feel beautiful today

God, grant me strength for my love

Because i am weak without you

My heart overflows with her

Be my rock, my comfort

Because as I need you

She also needs me

In Jeasus' name,

Be with her

Hold her


This is what Jason gave me or valentines day, a poem written by him. I have been so blessed to have such an amazing, God fearing man put in my life. I think every day about how much God has given me and i just can't seem to get my head wrapped around the fact that i was this richly blessed. I will take jason though without any complaints. He is the exact person i want to spend the rest of my life with and i am so happy i didn't have to do awhole lot of searching. HOW LUCKY AM I??? :) XOXOXO

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