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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is that light?

Is that light that i see at the end of the tunnel??
could it be true that i have finals next week and then it is summer?
Is that even possible that this horrible semester is almost over?

I do believe it is.. i think i can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
1) write a 15-20 page technical manual
2) do a dumb assignment with pivot tables for CIS
3) Extra Credit quiz for business law
4) Accounting Final
5) Statistics Final
6) JTC Final
7) Business Information Systems
8) [last but not least] Business Law Final

yes my dear friends that is my to do list in the next 10 days..
see what i mean!?!? LIGHT.. I SEE LIGHT!!

On another note.. we have infact found a house for next year.. PRAISE GOD!
I completed another half marathon..without too much pain.. in 2:08.. PRAISE GOD!
I have recieved a more YWAM money!! PRAISE THE LORD GOD ABOVE..

i'm starting to think maybe YWAM and CSU are in God's plan.. now for one last area of my life i can't seem to figure out.. but, God is good.. and in his time i will know his will:)

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