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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Sometimes the ways of my God are hard to understand..
Sometimes its hard to see light at the end of the tunnel.
Sometimes its hard to see the rainbow after the storm.
And sometimes its hard to find joy in the pain..

But its in these times when you can't see the light or the rainbow or the joy that my God's light, love, mercy and grace really shine through.
Its in the hard times that he carries us.
Its when we are taken to our knees that we truly see the God that we live for.
Its the times when it feels you can't be brought down anymore that you turn to God and beg for mercy and healing.
When we are shattered in millions of pieces, it is then that God takes our brokenness and makes beauty and makes us whole again.

Sometimes its hard to understand God's timing.
Sometimes is hard to see why God allows things to happen.
Most of the time we have no idea what outcome to expect of the things that happen to us.
Most of the time we don't know what could happen in the next minute, hour, day, or year..

But it is these times that we learn to be patient.
It is in God's plan that we don't know what will happen.
We take chances, we take risks, we jump in head first, close our eyes, and BEG God to bring us back to the surface in one piece.
We don't know what to expect when we do things like this, all we can do is TRUST God to make the best of our ridiculous mistakes.

Over the last few months i have learned that...
Try as i might, what i want to think, feel, or happen will never end just the way i forsaw.
Try as i might, in the end it is ALWAYS God's will that will be done...
Try as i might to make things happen in MY time.. EVERYTHING is always God's time.. OUR time is God's time, and we couldn't speed that up or slow it down if we wanted to.
Try as i might to make things turn out just perfect, nothing is perfect unless God's hand is in it from start to finish..

So remember,
SOMETIMES it's not what we do that matters.. because more than sometimes, things won't happen just the way we want them to..
so more than SOMETIMES.. trust God

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