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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It is complete

I would like to start this by saying...

wow.. what a feeling. this semester has had ups and downs,
but more ups than downs..
I have learned so much.
not from school(i must admit)
but from life.

Things i've learned....

1. That frozen yogurt is the BOMB
2. That it is fun to go to college sports when there are 6000 other people there acting like freaks
3. College is AWESOME!!
4. You can make it all the way to december without turning the heat on in your apartment.
5. It is possible to make it to halloween without SNOW! WHO KNEW?
6. There really are great girls out there:)
7. I miss my piano:( and dog:(
8. Living on my own is actually pretty great! but not without the wonderful brittany;)
9. Those HUGE pool parties you see in movies... ya they really do happen..bahaha
10. Ramtalk and word finding puzzles are the only reason to go to some classes
11. You don't need to go to class half the time because the test is a spitting image of the study guide in the book
12. Some people ask the DUMBEST questions i've ever heard.."why don't we just launch all our crap into space? then we don't have to worry about where to store it." really?
13. Free stuff is what makes the college life turn around
14. Craming is dumb...
15. Freshman point their i-clickers at the screen..lol
16. I have become a pro at parking.. angle and parallel!
17. The gym is a much better place to study than anywhere else..no the library is not that great of a place to study
18. Going to Concordia was in a way a complete waste of a year.. but i met BRITTANY!
19. CSU's football team sucks, but its still fun to go to games!
20. There are alot of gay people in the world! yes i'm from a small town..haha
21. Don't put cafe mexicali leftovers in the oven.. THEY WILL CATCH ON FIRE!
22. Red lights will forever be the death of my patience.
23. Apparently a yellow arrow, and no arrow at all means 5 more cars can go
24. Getting dressed cute for class is overrated after the 1st month..(k yes i did know this last year.. but for some reason some people here just can't figure it out!)
25. I LOVE living close to my family! SO GREAT!
26. Colorado has a place in my heart that can't be replaced
27. Dressing in tights is actually comfortable, and kinda cute, but it takes getting used to
28. Brown bagging it is great.. i've bought lunch 1 time!
29. Shopping for groceries is kinda hard:(
30. Trying to sneak 12 people through the continental breakfast line isn't very easy
31. Hanging out with the fro-yo girls just brightens my day..110%
32. Listening to slow music when studying really helps!
33. Sometimes its best to not say ANYTHING at all
34. If there is time for facebook, there is always time for working out, seeing friends, cleaning your room/apartment, and studying
35. Don't let class and homework get in the way of college.. bahaha
36. Box seats in the Coors box at nuggets games are AWESOME to put it lightly
37. Love with a heart like Gods..or try anyway
38. Look at people through the eyes God looks at us with
39. Listen to people the way God listens to us
40. Read your bible EVERY day.. it makes your day a billion times better!!!
41. Blogging is a good way to get things out that you can't talk about
42. There are alot of people in the world that need to see God's love
43. If we can reach college kids with the Love of Christ, we can reach the WHOLE world...
44. 12 PM is NOT late
45. Candles smell awesome, and are fun to take pictures of
46. Take 30 minutes to go take a picture of something that inspires you. your day will instantly pick up:)
47. Relationships aren't always easy, but alot of them are completely worth the small struggle here and there
48. Going home for break means...you do dishes, chores, clean house, and cook just like you did in high school.. some things NEVER change
49. I have an amazing, loving, caring family and I LOVE THEM ( i already knew this, but it has been reenforced)
50. By the time we get everything figured out that is wrong with me they would have to have 2 episodes of House based on my medical history!!
51. The people that live above me get it on about 5 times a week..and don't stop when i hit the ceiling with a beanie baby:( same with the people that live beside me:( jeepers
52. Textbooks are a waste of your money 1/2 of the time!!!
54. I have been blessed with a beautiful, loving, strong roommate=] and i LOVE HER!
55. Sweatpants and slippers are my #1 choice of clothing 99% of the time
56. Calculus isn't that hard, but it is a waste of time!
57. I WILL NEVER EVER take another political science class.. that STINK!
58. Giving multiple speeches for speech class doesn't improve your speaking habits very much..
59. Computer science was one of the easiest A's ever.. and the biggest waste of my time!
60. State universities are actually really great!! PROUD TO BE A CSU RAM!
61. Chicken soup really does help make you better:)
62. Accomplishing something that you didn't think was possible is AWESOME!
63. I have the most handsome, real, loving boyfriend on earth..
64. Patience is a JOKE.. anyway in my vocabulary it is.. psh patience.. a virtue??
65. Forever 21 is great! cheap and cute:)
66. God made this world simply for our enjoyment.. we better start appreciating it!
67. Being a hair model isn't always bad! sometimes you can get a cute haircut for cheap!
68. Flobots concerts are pretty crazy..
69. God puts people in your life for a reason.. try to figure out why
70. Outpost has forever changed my life
71. I can't survive without my nalgene.. it goes everywhere with me
72. Making your own dinners is such a hassle sometimes!
73. Keeping your apartment clean, particularly the bathroom and kitchen is such a drag!
74. Not having a dryer vent makes drying clothes a whole new experience
75. My roommate makes awesome christmas wreathes!!
76. Notehall is actually a pretty great way to make some money..Hello $20!
77. Typing notes is so much easier than writing them!
78. You can only forget your ID 4 times to get into the rec center
79. We have the 5th nicest college rec center in the nation!
80. CU is full of dirty hippies.. just sayin
81. Hand sanitizer is SO cool! and smells good:)
82. When i say i'm going to bed at 12... it usually means 1:30 AM...or in this case even later..teehee
83. I can clean my bedroom 3 times a day and its still covered in clothes and books when i go to bed that night
84. Finals week is great cuz you get all sorts of goodie bags with food in them.. particularly Ramen.. anybody need ramen?
85. Bikers will be the death of themselves if they don't watch out for my car!
86. If you left your Student ID in your car and you need it for your next class which is optional.. just skip the class. by the time you get to your car and back you will have missed 3/4 of the class
87. Walking across campus is what is keeping me skinny
88. Taking a final that consists of 150 questions will make you be COMPLETELY brain dead afterwards..
89. They let too many kids into classes, because not everyone fit in the room for one of the finals.. oops!
90. Niquil is a great way to help fall asleep fast.. yes i took it because i was sick.. and ONLY because of that:)
91. I am beautiful in God's eyes and that is all that matters!
92. God made us PERFECT in his eyes.. who are we to question that?
94. Romans 11: No matter how far we fall, God still loves us and takes us under his wing. He forgives us and saves us.!! WHAT GREAT NEWS!
95. Romans 14:8 "If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord."
96. If i want something i have to put my WHOLE HEART into it, not just part..
97. Apple Cider and Chai are my FAVORITE!
98. Photoshoots with Britt are SO FUN!
99. Coming up with 100 things i've learned isn't that hard.. WOW

and last but not least

100. The final thing i really learned alot about this semester was God's plan for my life. I have always been the type of person that likes to know exactly what i'm going to be doing ever moment of every day, and God has showed me whats up... It isn't up to me.. in Matthew 6:34 it says not to worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.. and this is so true.. God has planned our whole life out before we were even born! There is no point it trying to figure out what God's plan is for me because just as i think i have it all figured out, he up and throws a curve ball in! It isn't my place to tell God how i'm going to live my life, he will tell me, and this semester i have learned to really trust that God has a reason for everything.. All the crazy stuff that happens is just a small part of his HUGE plan for my life. So from this semester on, i won't plan.. i'll let God do the planning.. thats how its going to happen anyway, so why waste my time?

God bless, and i hope you all have learning experiences like i did this semester.. because they truely are such eye openers! I can't even imagine how the next semesters, days, months, and years of my life will be!! YAY God for being in control:)

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  1. AHH this list is AWESOME. We need to like frame it : )) I love youuuu and it has been wonderful! and just think we got a WHOLE OTHER COME COMIN' ;) just let's skip the school part!