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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Today i was having kind of a long day..
[couldn't find a reason to be happy]

Then Brittany showed up with a Peppermint Mocha and 2 movies:)
She just knows how to make my me happy<3
The movies she showed up with were Eat Pray Love and Twilight..
So we popped in Eat Pray Love..
Not really sure what to expect, this movie made my heart light.

Eat...the first place she goes is to Italy where she learns to eat w/o worry..

This movie made me really kind of think about stuff..
How often we crave icecream or pizza or soda and say no because we are worried about a jean size.
What is a jean size?
I can wear jeans from one place and they are an 8, or another place they are a 4..
We so often try to make ourselves be someone that people will look at and say "wow i wish i was that person, they are so skinny and pretty." But really, are we happy trying to be perfect to someone else. Why not be perfect for God?
I will now eat what i want.. (in moderation)and be HAPPY!!!

Pray....the next place she went was India where she learned to pray and move on..

So often i lay in bed as i'm trying to fall asleep and i talk to God.
So often i'll get in my car and i will pray for a safe drive..
What if we really knew how to pray with all of our heart?
What if we were completely sincere about what we talked to God about?
One of my new goals is to start getting up early before class and talking to God and maybe doing some yoga.. i need to focus.. i need to get my priorities straight, and hopefully starting my day out with God and some relaxing will help with that:)
its worth the try anyway..

Love.. the last place she went was Bali where she met a guy who was really great to her, and she learned how to really love...

It made me think...
I have this guy in my life who is really great to me.
He loves me, he respects me, and he is my life.
I think i need to learn how to love the way God loves..
I need to learn to see people through God's eyes..
I need to learn listen the way God listens to us..
I think that if i could learn to love, see, and listen in those ways i would really learn to Love the way God intended me to.
It is so easy to judge a book by its cover, or to feel a hate for someone that doesn't respect and love you. But God does it every day for millions of people..
What an intense love that you could have respect for someone who disowns you 24/7, that you could love someone who killed your son, and that you could love someone who doesn't love you back.
I always tell myself, if someone loves me then i will love them.. but thats not how God intended it.. "We love him because he first loved us"..

So we give people our time[eat], we pray for them[pray], and we love them[love], not for ourselves, but in the hope that maybe one day they will care about us, pray for us, and love us the way we do them...

And in the end...maybe...just maybe.. by seeing how we live, they will come to have a relationship with the God we love a glorify.

So everyday, don't forget to:

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